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Drama Yr 2 Test 1

Drama Yr 2 - Test 1

A one person dramatic presentation. Can either be to an imaginary character(s) or directly to an audience? Monologue
When an actor performs before a set of judges in order to get a role in a production. Audition
When an actor is auditioning with material they may not have seen before. Cold Reading
________ is all around us. In the literature we read, in events and objects we observe, and how we live and grow. It also refers to a theatrical productions. Drama
Most famous English playwright. In his play, As You Like It, he says..."All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. they have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts." William Shakespeare
The "main character" in a play or other pieces of literature Protagonist
The "main opponent" of the protagonist, main character Antagonist
The act of imitating or copying the acts or voice of another. One of earliest forms of learning as a child. Mimicry
To act out a role. Natural, everyday versions of dramatic performance (Example: Children will pretend to be mommy and daddy as they play house.) Role Play
Using the body to communicate silently. (Examples: the game charades) Pantomime
The artistic, rehearsed performance by a costumed ________. (Example: In the King's court, the ________ was used to entertain the king and his guests.) Mime
A part enacted in everyday life. (Examples: student, employee, parent) Social Role
Positive and negative conventional views of groups. These are generalities that are often unfair and inaccurate. Stereotype
Performing without a written script and advance time for preparation. Requires performer to use their creative abilities. Improvisation
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