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KIN: Basic Mvmt Term

What is biomechanics? Study of application of mechanics of structure and function of biological systems
What is kinesiology? Scientific study of human movement
What is linear motion? Movement along a straight or curved pathway
What are some examples of linear motion? Sprinter, path of baseball, path of bench press bar
What is angular motion? Motion around a point where different regions of the same segment don't move through the same distance
What are some examples of angular motion? Around an axis through a joint, through a COG, gymnist on uneven bars
What is kinematics? Focuses on amount and type of movement, the direction of movement, and speed or change of speed of the object
What is kinetics? Examines the forces acting on a system such as the human body
What do kinetics focus on? The cause of the movement
What is included in the axial skeleton? Head, neck, thorax, pelvis
What is lateral or ER? Movement of a segment around a vertical axis running through the segment so that the anterior surface of the segment moves away from the midline, while posterior surfaces moves toward the midline
What is another name for protraction of the scapula? Abduction
What is another name for retraction of the scapula? Adduction
What is another name for upward rotation of the scapula? Lateral rotation
What is another name for downward rotation of the scapula? Medial rotation
What is upward/lateral rotation of the scapula? When scapulas swing out so that the bottom of the scapula move away from the trunk
What is downward/medial rotation of the scapula? When scapulas swing down back into resting position towards trunk
How are upward/lateral and downward/medial rotation of the scapula described? By the inferior angle of the scapula
What is tipping of the scapula? When inferior portion of scapula moves away from thorax
What is winging of the scapula? When the medial border of the scapula move away from thorax
What is horizontal adduction a combination of? Flexion and adduction
What is horizontal abduction a combination of? Extension and abduction
What is the combined set of movements in pronation of ankle? DF of ankle, eversion of tarsals, abduction of forefoot
What is the combined set of movements in supination of ankle? PF of ankle, inversion of tarsals, adduction of forefoot
What is the absolute reference system? Movement of the segment is described with reference to a fixed angle
What is the relative reference system? The movement segment is described relative to the adjacent segment
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