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Module 10_4 part 1

part chapter 20

Brand/QuestionGeneric/AnswerIndication/Drug Class
Emesis vomiting
Ingestion act of taking in food and liquid
Peristalsis contraction and relaxtion of tubular muscles; moving food from mouth to anus
Pepcid AC famotidine H2 Antagonists;GI drugs
Tagamet cimetidine H2 Antagonists;GI drugs
Zantac ranitidine H2 Antagonists;GI drugs
Nexium esomeprazole (magnesium) PPI; GI drugs
Prevacid lansoprazole PPI; GI drugs
Prilosec omeprazole PPI; GI drugs
Protonix pantoprazole PPI; GI drugs
Compazine prochlorperazine Antiemetic, Antinasea, GI drug
Function of the GI system digestion, absorption, and metabolism
Conditions affecting GI system heart burn, upset stomach, GERD,gastritis, constipation and diarrhea
Antiflatulence Agent Simethicone
H2 antagonist drug action bind to H2 receptor sites, lowering acid secretion
PPI drug action block gastric acid secretions in the stomach
Most common intestinal condition constipation and diarrhea
Lomotil diphenoxylate/ atropine antidiarrheal agent; Schedule CV
Immodium (Rx & OTC) loperamide antidiarrheal agent
Pepto-Bismol (OTC) bismuth subsalicylate antidiarrheal agent
Constipation agent drug action absorb water from the body to increase moisture and overall bulk of stools
Metamucil psyllium Bulk-Forming Meds (laxatives)
Colace docusate sodium Surfactant
Dulcolax bisacodyl Surfactant
Senokot senna Surfactant
Glycerin glycerin Surfactant
Reglan metocloperamide Antiemetic
Tigan trimethobenzamide Antiemetic
Zofran ondansetron Seretonin Receptor Agonist
Generic: simethicone Gas-X; Mylicon Antiflatulent
Absorption taking in nutrients from foods and liquids
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