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RADT 316 Fall 2012

Pathology Revised for Unit one test of

Bone cyst Benign neoplactic bone lesion filled with clear fluid mostly in childrens knees and not detected till fractures occur APP- well circumscribed lucency
chondrosarcoma malignant tumor of the cartilage usually in pelvis or long bones of men older than 45 APP- bone destruction and calcification in the tumor
ewings sarcoma malignant bone tumor found in small bones of children APP-bone destruction looking like an onion peel
gout Arthritis that may be hereditary, in which uric acid appears in the excessive amounts in the blood.
Joint effusion Occurs as accumulated fluid in the joint cavity
jones FX fx of the diaphysis of the fifth metatarsal
Lisfranc Joint injury large band that spans the articulation of the medial cuneiform and base of the first and second metatarsal. APP-abnormal space or avulsion FX between first and second metatarsal and cuneiforms
multiple myeloma most common type of cancerous bone tumor affecting ages between 40 and 70 APP- multiple punched out osteolyte lesions of the bone affected
osteoarthritis DJD noninflammatory jd with gradual deteriation of the cartilage with hypertrophic (enlargement or overgrown) bone formation MOST COMMON TYPE OF ARTHRITIS APP- Narrowed irregular joint spaces with spurs
paget's disease most common in midlife, and twice as common in men (non neoplastic bone disease that disrupts new bonegrowth resulting in overproduction of very dense soft bone. APP- mixed areas of sclerotic and cortical thickening or radiolucent lesions
Reiter syndrome affects the SI joints and lower limbs of young men "bony erosion at the achilles tendon insertion to the calcaneus"
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