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Geographynotes INC.7

Geography notes(7th grade INC.)

LOCATION, What is absolute location? A latitude and longitude (global location) or a street address(Local location.
LOCATION, What is relative location? Describe by land marks, time direction or distance from one place to another.
PLACE, What is the human characteristics of a place? The main languages, customs, and beliefs. How many people live,work, and visit a place.
PLACE, What is the physical characteristics of a place? Land forms(mountains, rivers,etc.) climate vegetation,wildlife,soil, etc.
HUMAN ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION, How do humans and the environmental affect each other? WE DEPEND, MODIFY, AND WE ADAPT TO THE ENVIRONMENT.
MOVEMENT, How are people,goods,ideas moved from place to place? Human Movement which is Trucks, Trains, and planes etc.
MOVEMENT, What is idea movement? TV, Radio, Magazines
REGIONS, what is formal regions? Regions defined by governmental or administrative boundaries.
REGIONS,What is functional regions? Regions defined by a function(newspaper service area, cell phone coverage area)
REGIONS, What is vernacular regions? Regions defined by peoples perception(middle east,the south, redneck)
What is latitude? lines that are paralleled. The equator is O degrees line of latitude.
What is longitude? lines that cross and they start at 0 degrees and goes all the way around to 360 degrees.
What is the prime meridian A 0 degree line of latitude that splits east and west.
What is the International Dateline? This line starts the new day.This line is zig zag not straight and its 180 degrees!
What are Hemispheres? By using the equator and prime meridian, we can divide the world into 4 hemispheres north, south, east and west.
What is a compass? A compass is a tool that helps the user know what direction one is headed. A compass rose on a map helps the user locate these directions. Compass Rose gives Cardinal directions.
What is a Scale? Maps are made to scale; that is, there is a direct connection between a unit of measurement on the map and the actual distance.
What is a map legend? The legend is the key to unlocking the secrets of a map. Objects or colors in the legend represent something on the map.
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