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Unit4 Deviance/Crime

Sociology Mrs. Furbush

Conformity behavior that matches group expectations
Deviance the violation of social norms
Deviant someone who has violated one or more of societys highly valued norms
Social Control Society uses it to promote conformity
Internal Social Control Most people do not steal because they believe it is wrong not because they fear arrest is an example of Internal social control
External Social Control Some people are not successfully socialized and require External sanctions like fines or low grades to encourage appropriate behavior
Cost of Deviance A Cost of deviance is that it erodes trust and a society filled with suspicion cannot function smoothly.
Benefit of Deviance A Benefit of deviance is that it clarifies what norms are expected
Primary Deviance In Primary deviance a person only occasionally breaks norms; not a lifestyle
Secondary Deviance Secondary deviance deviance is a way of life for that person; a normal reaction for that person
Deterrence Uses the threat of punishment to discourage criminal actions
Retribution Punishment intended to make criminals pay compensation for their actions
Incarceration Keeping criminals in prisons & not out on the streets to commit more crimes is the purpose of incarceration
Rehabilitation The goal of rehabilitation is to resocialize criminals
Recidivism 30-60% of released prisoners go back to jail in 2-5 years; this is called
How much does crime cost our country each year? 400 Billion Dollars
What groups are most likely to be victims of crime in the US? Poor, Black, Hispanic Americans
How much does it cost the state of Lousiana to keep a person in jail for life? 1 million dollars
Labeling Theory The idea that if you label someone who was primary deviant that they will become secondary deviant
Stealing gum from Walmart one time is an example of primary or secondary deviance? Primary Deviance
Robbing five banks is an example of primary or secondary deviance? Secondary Deviance
If you fight at school, you will get five days of OSS and be arrested is an example of which punishment type? Deterrence
A life sentence in prison is an example of what type of punishment? Incarceration
Which ethnic groups tend to receive the death penalty more often? African Americans & Hispanics
What is victim discounting? process of reducing the seriousness of the crimes that injure people of lower status
Created by: sfurbush