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Engine Fireops - Ch2

Engine Company Fireground Operations 3rd ed

Which NFPA dictates what is standard equipment requirements on all fireground apparatus? NFPA 1901
According to the Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, how many minimum feet of 1 1/2, 1 3/4, or 2 inch should be on the apparatus? 400 ft
What has become the most widely used size of hose for attack lines 1 3/4
Why is the 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 hoselines the popular pick as an attack line? Can be most quickly advanced to facilitate rescue, interior fire attack, and interior exposure protection.
What does AHJ stand for? the Authority Having Jurisdiction
what should the fire department take into consideration when choosing a water tank size for their apparatus? The size that best supports efficient and effective fireground operations
How should Hose storage areas be arranged? In such a way as to support operational procedures following a set operating guideline.
The type of nozzle mose useful when range and penetrating capabilities are needed. Solid Stream
the type of nozzle that is most effective at quickly absorbing heat. spray nozzle
Where should a fire be attacked from, whenever possible? From the unburned side
A portable unit that can either be mounted or detached from an apparatus Master Stream appliance
According to the Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, what is the recommended gpm at minimum to flow from a master stream appliance 100 gpm
What type of master stream appliance can be put into action immediately when the apparatus arrives on scene? Prepiped Master Stream Appliance
According to the Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, How many feet of soft suction hose, and how many feet of hard suction hose are required? 15ft of soft suction hose, and 20ft of hard suction hose
When a master stream appliance is not preconnected, what is the suggested method of storage? with 1 or 2 sections of 2 1/2 or 3 hose in doughnut rolls and connected tot he device to facilitate rapid deployment
According to the Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, the pump intake connections should be what size? they must be at least equal in size to the size of the suction lines.
When are the 3 benefits of front water intake connections? when drafting, allows better positioning; when at a fire, allows the engine to get closer to the curb while keeping the wheels on firm ground
What are the two instances that Pump Intake Connections are used? Soft-suction for hydrant operations, and drafting with hard-suction hose
What is the Hydrant Assist Valve? Also known as a four-way valve, allows a engine to hook up to a hydrant to draft water, and allows for a secondary engine to hookinto the stream and supplement the hydrant pressure with additional water and pressure for use by the original engine.
An internal plastic component that controls the flow of water through a hoseline Ball valve
According to the Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, what is the minimum requirements for ladders? 1 stright ladders with roof hooks, 1 extension ladder, and 1 attic ladder
If there is no ladder trucks, what additional equipment will most engine companies have to make up for the lack? a 35 ft extension ladder.
What is the hose lay that is usually most desireable? Forward Lay
What is the hose lay where the pumper hooks up to a hydrant and then advances to the fire scene, where it charges the hoseline immediately? forward lay using a charged supply line
what are the three disadvantages to forward lay with a charged line? Slight delay while pumper stops and drops off firefighter; another delay or less manpower while he is trying to rejoin the group, supply lines may intefere with incoming units.
What is the hose lay where the pumper drops a supply line at the hydrant, advances to the fire, but leaves the charging of the line to the next inco0ming unit? Forward lay with an uncharged line
When is the forward lay using an uncharged line most popular? when the second incoming unit is expected to arrive soon, and there is good radio communications
What is the hose lay where the pumper advances straight to the firescene, bypassing the watersupply completely? Direct to fire, no line approach.
In what areas is the direct to fire, no line approach a common practice? Areas that do not have a hydrant system
What is the one advantage reverse lay has over the other lays? It places the pumper out of the way of the scene, so as not to interfer with incoming units, and to stay out of high heat or fall zones
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