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Engine fireops - ch1

Engine company fireground operations 3rd ed

What are the 3 tactical priorities on the fireground? Life Safety, Extinguishment, and property conservation
What is the NFPA training standard? Nfpa 1410: Standard on Training for Initial Emergency Scene Operations.
What are the 4 elements of the Fire Tetrahedron? Oxygen, Heat, Chemical Reaction, Fuel
What are the 4 ways heat travels? Convection, Radiation, Conduction, and Direct flame contact
What is it called when heat travels through the motion of heated matter? Convection
What is the Convection cycle? Hot air and gases of combustion are lighter than coll air and rise up. cooler air comes in and takes its place. when the hot air and gases cannot rise anymore because of obstacles, they move horizontaly along the highest axis.
What is the travel of heat through space, where no material substance is needed? Radiation
What are some characteristics of radiation? Moves in a straight line, unless blocked by an object; Wind does not effect it, and radiates evenly in all directions.
What combines with Radiant heat to make it even more hazardous? Radiant heat can combine with Cenvection heat to spread fire, much more quickly.
What can lessen the chances of rapid spread and flashover? Venting
What is the travel of heat through a solid body? Conduction
during a fire, what hazard can occur in a building with metal roof supports? supports can warp and fail in the heat
What happens to a 100ft section of steel that is heated to 1000 degrees fahrenheit? it will expand 9 inches.
What is the ignition of combustibles in an area heated by convection and/or radiation Flashover
What is the term for when a smoldering, oxygen starved fire gets the oxygen it needs Backdraft
A fire department must operate with a structured ___________ on the fireground Incident Management System
An organized system of roles and responsibilities used during emergencies is also known as: IMS Incident Management System
What are four basic responsibilities of an engine company during an interior offensive operation? Get the hoseline between the fire and victims, Maintain integrity of stairways for egress and ingress, primary search while advancing hose, advance hose to seat of the fire.
What are 2 basic objectives an engine company must take care of during an exterior, defensive operation? Set up and operate master stream devices to protect exposures, Extinguish the main body of fire.
the personell on an engine should be trained to do what basic tasks, at a minimum? (9) Perform search and rescue, Establish Water supply, Use attack lines, Use backup lines, Protect exposures, Use master stream, Tactical use of protective systems, Property conservation, Overhaul
What are the two main skills an engine company should be proficient in? Rescue and Property conservation
The basis on which every engine company operation is based in an emergency scene, is called what? Size-up
The _____ is the basic unit of a fire department Engine Company
New equipment such as Class A foam and Large diameter hose ______ supplement or increase the efficiency of water
When applying the three tactical priorities of lifesafety, extinguishment, and property conservation: Different ones can be started immediately, even before the completion of the first or second task. They are in order from most important, but can be done simultaneaously if necessary
flashover occurs with what two types of heat? convection and radiation
Created by: evileyejones
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