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English 1 study tips

Mrs. Ebers study tip skills

Five reasons to study To get good grades, to feel accomplished, to pass your classes, to get diploma, to get a job in the future
Short-term goal Requires little prior training, just by beginning to work on then you can find success
Long-term goal Reaching the long-term goals requires the development skills and repeated practice, may take weeks months or even years to achieve
When should you study Prime time – time of day that is best for you to study
Should you study the same time every day True
Don't waste time study When you are getting time to study use it instead of slacking
If you are tired of losing your focus what should you do Take a break or quit for the day
Don't waste time studying If you are not focused you are not learning anything take a break or quit for the day
When should you start studying Start as early as you can after you get home, take the time you're given in class to actually do your work
Where should you study To the place that is quiet and free of distractions
What are something's to do not to be distracted Face away from windows, turn off TV, no loud music, no texting, and clean desk or table
What you do before you start to study Gather all your materials
How to study? Blockout noises and review notes at least once a week review hard material 4 or five times a week
When should you take a break After 45 minutes take a 10 minute break during your break you should get up move around, get something to eat or get a drink
How many hours of sleep should you get You should get 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep
How should you study for a test You should try to guess the questions that are going to be in the test and you should have a parent guiz you or study with the group
I should worry about the people around me when I first get my test paper and or while taking my test False
What are three things I should do when I get the test paper Look over the paper before you begin, read all the questions before you put down any of your answers,read all of the objective questions and true or false questions twice
What should I do when I get my test back Read all the comments made by teacher and if you are unsure why you got the answer wrong respectfully ask you should always keep the papers you get back
What is the point in this lesson? The point of this lesson is so that I can learn all the good study tips that will help me get better grades and be a better student.
Created by: Memem