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Grammar (Sent. Str)

Compound, Complex, Run on, or Fragment? (RL)

Because I find waiting in lines and offices extremely frustrating, I often have a book tucked into my bag. Complex
Bertrand wanted to please both his mother and his girlfriend; thus, he stopped at the florist after work to buy roses for each. Compound
As I was walking along the beach, I spotted a school of dolphins leaping and playing just a few yards from shore. Complex
Mel attended church each Sunday, yet she often questioned her faith and the authority of the church. Compound
At eighteen years old my grandfather traveled from a tiny village in Russia to New York City: he had only $14 to start his new life. Compound
I have seen this painting many times, but I never noticed the small child standing in the corner in the background. Compound
Since Terrance broke up with his girlfriend, he has been so depressed that it is difficult to be around him. Complex
The angry student was displeased with her grade; consequently, she took her complaint to the office of the vice-president of the college. Compound
The essays were easy to grade; as a result, Mrs. Malloy found that she was finished with all seventy-three papers in just one hour. Compound
In spring I often visit my Aunt Elizabeth she lives in an ritzy apartment complex on a tree-lined street. Run on
While the Christmas lights in the tree glistened and twinkled, a chill wind blew through the yard, kissing our cheeks with icy flecks. Complex
The professor rarely gave extra credit assignments; thus, all the students jumped at the opportunity to earn an extra grade. Compound
Dalia is a very good student; nevertheless, her poor test scores don’t prove it. Compound
The 2011 Mustang is listed as a sports car, I feel that this labeling is unfair because it places an undue burden on honest owners trying to find affordable insurance. Run on (Comma Splice)
Edward wanted to study abroad this semester, but financial aid wouldn’t cover the costs of the trip. Compound
Each fall the campus swells to capacity, after financial aid reimbursement checks are issued several months later, classes seem to suddenly shrink. Run on (Comma Splice)
My net book is half the size and weight of a conventional laptop, but he counterpoint to this convenience is its small keyboard and limited memory space. Compound
For example, pasta with meatballs, many varieties of pizza, and cheesy garlic bread. Fragment
I always warned him that she would cause problems one day, she is as cold hearted as a reptile. Run on (Comma Splice)
With a downtrodden heart and very little hope of success. Fragment
The wiry teenager seemed unafraid as he stared down the playground bully. Complex
When the bell rang, the students in Mrs. Murphy's class lined up against the blue wall. Complex
The teacher led the students quietly to her classroom: people wondered what she had done to achieve such results. Compound
When Tara and Bart stopped by the grocery store on their way home from their date, they bought some dessert to share. Complex
I have never enjoyed the sport of skiing, and I don't plan on starting now. Compound
Created by: HGTC Eng 032