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PT 201 Midterm

Find the lowest common denominator 3/7 and 1/3 21
Find the lowest common denominator 5/6 and 2/5 30
what is a proper fraction? the numerator is smaller than the denominator
The father of medicine is Hippocrates
To translate a medical term, start with the suffix
A group of similar cells that work together is called tissue
What is the normal glomerular rate? 125ml/min
Paracelsus emphasized a ____________ rather than a _____________ orientation to medicine chemical, botanical
The greater the therapeutic index, the greater the chance the drug will be safe
the prefix dys means difficult, bad or painful
The root term hemo, as in hemoglobin pertains to blood
The root term cardi, as in cardiology means heart
The prefix Bi means two or double
The prefix pre means before
The prefix poly means many
The suffix -itis means inflammation
The prefix sub means below
The suffix -ology means the study of
The suffix -rrhage means bursting forth of blood
The suffix -algia means pain
The suffix -emia means blood condition
A word ending that modifies the meaning of the word is called a suffix
A word structure at the beginning of a word that modifies the meaning of a root word is called a prefix
Brady- means slow
Tachy- means fast
What does hematuria mean? blood in urine
What does BID mean twice daily
What does QID mean four times daily
What does AU mean both ears
What does OU mean both eyes
What does SIG mean write on label or directions
What does MI mean myocardial infarction
What is the generic name for Tylenol? acetaminophen
The registered drug name promethazine HCl is considered the generic name
The registered drug name Paxil is considered the brand name
The generic for Benedryl is diphenhydramine
Medical terminology is the language of medicine
Makers of remedies were called Pharmacopeia's
Sellers of drugs who kept shops or stalls Sellulari's
Who was known as the “father of botany,” Theophrastus
Who was known as the “father of toxicology” Mithridates
Who issued the magna carta separating pharmacy from medicine? Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II
Who wrote the Methido Medini? Galen
__________________ was the first hospital pharmacist Jonathan Roberts
Who introduced control into the practice of pharmacy in the New World and known as the "father of American pharmacy"? William Proctor
What type of drug is more easily absorbed in the stomach? acidic drugs
Why are corticosteriods like dexamethasone given in conjuction with chemotherapy treatments? to help with nausea
18 is what percent of 122? 14.8%
The transverse plane divides the body into upper and lower parts
Which DEA form do you have to fill out to send to the DEA after controlled substances have been lost or stolen from the pharmacy? DEA form 106
What type of offense is a burglary of a pharmacy? a felony
What is first-pass effect? the imediate metabolism of substances leaving the GI tract through the blood stream
A decrease in serum albumin alters the effects of some drugs by leading to more free or active drug because there is a decrease in protein binding
________________ are ultimately responsible for controlled substances in the pharmacy. Pharmacists
What is not a side effect of antimetabolites? pulmonary fibrosis
What is contained in the ventral cavity? stomach, lungs, heart
What is contained in the dorsal cavity? spine, brain
The rate of diffusion of drug molecules through membranes depends on the lipid solubility of the drug
Which route of administration usually results in the fastest distribution of drugs? IV, intravenous
What organ is the major site of metabolism of drugs? liver
Created by: Sallie J