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homework Augest


which of the following is a physical property of x-rays? travel in straight line
as the wavelength of xray photons shortens, the energy of the xray beam will? increase
the kVp setting on an xray machine controls the ? quality of the xray beam
the mAs setting on an xray machine controls the ? quantity of the xray emitted
during an exposure, electrons in the xray tube travel from the? cathode to the anode
to produce xrays, a great deal of energy in an xray tube is converted into heat. the ratio of heat generated to xray production is generally considered to be 99%:1%
the acceleration of the electrons and their ultimate striking energy is deteermind by the kVp
when depressing the "prep" switch on a rotating anode xray machine, you are effectively heating up the filament and spinning the rotating anode
regarding the production of xrays in the xray tube, the cathode includes the filament and the focusing cup
what transformer in an xray machine controls the temperature of the filament? step-down transformers
the heel effect is going to be more noticeable with lg film, shorter focal film distance, and lower kVp
full- wave rectification means that 120 pulses of xrays are produced per second
what is the minimum distance in feet that a safelight in the darkroom should be away from the work site? 4
if using both blue and green sensitive films, what type of safelight should you use? red
the main purpose of the xray developer is to clear away the unexposed, undeveloped silver halide crystals
the main purpose of the xray fixer is to clear away the unexposed, undeveloped silver halide crystals
a safelight illumination test was performed in the darkroom. on processing the film, you see various gradations of blackness on your film. the area exposed for the longest period of time is darkest
after you manually process a film you notice that there is a green area of about 1/2 in. along one narrow edge of the film. this is due to the area not being. developed or fixed
you notice that there is a clear line at the shorter adge of a radiograph that you have manually processed. this is due to the are not being developed
you are looking at a film that is totally clear except for a bit of black that you notice along the edges. your film has not been exposed to radiation
you have a film in front of you that has a relatively clear edge all the way around the radiograph. this is because of collimation
the remaining silver halide crystals from exposed xray film are removed in the fixer
which of the following would cause the image on a processed xray film to be fogged? film stored in an area of high room temp.
what should be the maximum intensity of the bulb in a safelight in developing room? 15 watts
a bullet fragment on film appears as a white mark
a crease in the film after exposure but before processing will likely appear as a black crescent mark
safelight fogging on a radiograph appears as a diffuse grayish area
the cells that are most susceptible to the hazards of ionizing radiation are the rapidly dividing cells of the intestinal lining, neoplastic cells, and gonad cells
a sievert (sv) is the unit of radiation dose equivalent to the absorbed dose in tissue
a radiation film badge worn at the collar level monitors exposure of the thyroid gland and lenses of the eyes
when taking radiographs, you should whenever possible use decreased exposure time, increased distance from radiation sources, and increased shielding
there is a gloved hand visible on a radiograph. this is a real concern, because the hand has been exposed to radiation.
a small filament produces an image of greater detail than a large filament
you are preparing to take a radiograph, and you want toconfirm that you have set the correct mAs of 15. which of the following scenarios will give you 15 mAs? 300 mA and 1/20sec
if you were going to decrease the focal film distance from 100cm to 50cm, what should your new mAs be if the old mAs was 16? 4.0 mAs
scatter radiation on film is more noticeable if there is higher kVp, thicker patient, and larger field size
to get more density on a film, you should do what to the kVp and mAs? increase either or both
Created by: Jessica vet