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Quiz Rad

quiz taken

what are 2 things that the collimator does? the beam is small and reduces scatter of radiation.
x-rays have a shorter/ longer wavelength than visible light ? shorter
focal spot the spot which is to be x-rayed
penumbra area around the x- ray, such as skin
tube overload when it over heats or cracks
arching metal deposit inner envolope which creates 2nd envelope
MPD maximum permissible dose
MPD is the dose one person can handle over a year
what are the 3 exposure factors? mA, S, kVp
the tube of the x-ray machine should stay between what distance away from the patient? 36in to 40 in
when is the fetus most senitive to xrays ? the first 6 weeks
what is the MPD in Sv/yr that an individual over 18 yrs of age can recieve? 0.05
what are 5 ways to decrease your exposure to radiation? stay far away , one shot, v time, rotate personel, good technique charting
4 things you should be wearing when taking an x-ray? thorasic/ abdomenal lead vest, thyroid shield, hand shields, radiation badge.
how thick should all of your lead equipment be? 0.05mm
how often should you radiograph you gloves to make sure they don't have cracks? every 6 months
how often should you radiograph your gown/thyroid shields to make sure theydon't have crack? every year
what are the 3 types of radiation monitoring devices? radiation pen, film badge, termodecilmeter(TLD)
what is on the back of the cassette is made of? lead
what can you use to clean the outside of the cassette? soap and water
what are the 4 layers of an x-ray screen? base layer, refeliv layer, crystal layer, protective layer
slow speed? optimum detail
medium speed? most common, good resolution, relatively low exposure
fast speed? reduce exposure time, penetrate thick tissues
blue films need a what color safe light ? amber
the green film needs what color safelight? red
what is a latent image? invisible image after exposure but before developing
what is a direct safelight? the light is facing down
what is a indirect safelight? when the light is facing up to the ceiling
why should you never mix chemicals in adark room? because you can't see and can splash the chemicals in your eyes.
what are the 5 steps in manual developing? fixing, developing, dry, water, hanging on clip
what are the 3 chemicals in our automatic processor? fixer, developer, water
what is the optimal temp. for all the chemicals in manual processing ? 68 degrees
what is the optimal temp. for all the chemicals in manual processing? 95 degrees
what are the 4 things required on x-ray label? clinic name, date, owner, pet
aphoto labeler is used when? after exposure and before developing
what type of x-rays labeling doesn't hold up in court? permant marker
what are the 6 degrees of radiograph evaluaion? landmarks, positioning, presantation, technique, collimation
when looking at a finished lateral x-ray, the head should be to the left or right on the view? left
when looking at a finish v/d x-rays, the patients right should match up our left or right? left
what are the 2 types of technique charts? mAs varible, kVp varible
what are 2 reasons for making a technique chart? to help get the measurment correct the first time to reduce exposure and better
what type of dog should be use when making a technique chart? medium 40 - 50 lbs
what size envelope should be used when filing? 14 by 17
what should you do to the patient before x-raying ? measure the patient
what is concidered table top? 1cm to 10 cm
what is concider bucky? 11cm and up
where does the cassette go when taking a talbe top radiograph? under the patient on the table
wher does the film go for bucky patients? in the drawer under the table
which side of cassette towards the tube of the x-rays machine ? black
where should the metal plate in the cassette always be during a x-ray? upper left corner
v/d abdomen pt is on their back, 3 fingers up the sternum to the hips
lateral abdomen pt is on their side, 3 fingers the sternum to the hips
v/d thorax pt is on their back, main beam from neck to the diaphragm
lateral thorax pt on their sid, beam behind the scapula
a/p carpus pt is sternal, bot front legs in view for comparison
lateral elbow pt is on their side, taking pic of the limb
OFA hips pt laying on their back, 2 lumbar vert. legs pulled stright, rotated inwards
the cathode is ? -
anode is +
the effective focal spot size is _____ then the actualfocal spot. smaller
penumbra around the x-ray such as skin
what is the filament like part of the xray machine made of? tungstin
what does mA mean? millamperage
what are 2 ways of restraining a horse for radiograph? knockonthe head , lifting the leg
what are the 5 Ps pull off shoe, pick out the hoof, pare the hoof, pack hoof, place the hoof on wooden box
negative contrast is what color? black - example is air
positive contrast is what color? white- example baiumn
when is the barium containdicated and why? when there is tear because it can be toxic to the rest of the body
which is best for diagnosing spinal injuries ? myelogram because you can see better to the disc
what are the 4 layers of intensifying screen? protective, base, phosphor, reflecting
Created by: Jessica vet