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Digitall Imaging B

viewing is performed on a digital computer monitor Soft copy
a device that converts a digital (usually binary) code to an analog signal (current, voltage, or electric charge). Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
a device that uses sampling to convert a continuous quantity to a discrete time representation in digital form Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
digital imaging and communication - the standard for medical images to be transferred and displayed on any DICOM-compatible display device with a consistent gray scale appearance Solarization
a QC test that is used to ensure the images are being displayed properly and is in tolerance for quality images and was developed by Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers SMPTE pattern
a graph of frequency of occurrence versus digital value intervals; a plot of the frequency of appearance of a given object characteristic S# - Sensitivity number
saturation or white out of a digital image Solarization
everything about the computer system that is visible; the physical components of the system that include the various input and output devices Hardware
in computer language, a single binary digit (0 or 1) Bits
the sequence of instructions developed by a software programmer Computer program
computer programs that are written by a computer manufacturer, software manufacturer or the users themselves to guide the computer to perform a specific task Application programs
the primary element that allows thecomputer to manipulate data and carry out software instructions CPU – central processing unit
the transfer of medical images and patient data to remote sites Teleradiology
translate images of text, drawings or photographs into a digital format recognizable by the computer Scanners
picture element; the cell of a digital image matrix Pixels
row and columns of pixels displayed on a digital image Matrix
the cassette that houses the photostimulable phosphor uses in computed radiography Imaging plate
compact mechanical optical computer assembly that the IP is placed into and is then scanned by a laser beam that sends a latent image to the computer CR reader
the area in which a measurement is desired; determine average pixel value for use in quantitative imaging Region of interest (ROI)
the application in a computer that functions include message and mail utilities, calendar reporting, storage of text data and financial accounting and planning RIS – radiology information system
reducing the data size of an image for storage Image compression
medical images were presented to the radiologist on film Hard copy
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