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uniform study list

Pants must be worn where and what should there not be? Pants must be worn at the waist and there should be no double stitching, no patch pockets, or flaps.
What color pants are Jr. High able to wear? navy or khaki.
What should the shorts have and what color can they be? The shorts should have belt loops and they can be navy or khaki.
When are girls and boys allowed to wear uniform shorts? Aug.,Sept.,April., and May.
Should the boys and girls wear their shirts with an official logo? Yes
When do the boys get to wear White Polo shirts? K-4 all year and 5-8 with shorts.
Belts must be worn with what? What colors can the belt be? Does kindergarten wear belts? The belts must be worn with both pants and shorts. They can be navy blue, brown, tan, or black. Kindergarten doesnt have to wear belts.
Can the boys wear sweaters? Yes.
Ties can't be what kind of ties? What color does the tie have to be? What grade can wear any appropriate ties? They cant be bow or string ties. It has to be Navy only. Only grade 8 can wear appropriate ties.
The sweatshirts have to be what two colors? No what kind of sweatshirts? No what color sweatshirt? Navy and grey with official logo. No atheletic or hooded sweatshirts. No white sweatshirts.
The socks have to be what two colors? What can't the socks have on it? They have to be Navy Blue or White and can't have logos.
No what can be worn in the ears for boys? How many can girls wear? Are small medals and crosses aloud? No what of anykind? Can you wear rubber bracelets? No earrings can be worn in boys ears. Girls can wear one pair of earrings and can only be studs. Medals and small crosses can be worn and both boys and girls can't wear bracelets.
For boys the hair should be above the what and what? Should it be to the middle of the ear? Can it be pulled behind the ears? Their hair should be above the eyebrow and collar. It should be to the middle of the ear. It can't be pulled behind the ears.
What shoes can't be worn? Sandals, crocs, clogs, slipons, or wheely shoes.
Girls skirts should be to the top of what? Knees.
Shirts should be what color and have the what on it? white and official school logo.
No what kind of pants can be worn? Fannel pants or sweat pants.
No _ sweaters are allowed. Hooded.
what colored tights can be worn? Navy or white
What kind of makeup is allowed? No fake what and no what for your nails? Simple foundation and no fake nails or nail polish.
What will be given for breaking the uniform policies once? A note for a parent to sign and return to school.
What will be given for breaking the uniform policies twice? A note for a parent to sign and return to school and the loss of the next uniform break.
What will be given for breaking the uniform policies three times? A note for a parent to sign and the loss of of any uniform breaks for the rest of the semester.
What will be given for breaking the uniform policies four times? A detention or being sent home.
What will be given for breaking the uniform policies six times? The student loses uniform breaks for the rest of the school year.
Created by: thaiqueenrules
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