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Small Engines

Chapter 4 Vocabulary

gasoline hydrocarbon fuel refined from petroleum. Mixture of hydrogen and carbon.
petroleum a group of liquid and gaseous compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen, which are removed from the earth.
octane number assigned to gasoline to represent its ability to resist detonation.
atomizing gasoline must be broken up into tiny droplets and mixed with air to produce rapid burning.
cylinder block the largest single part of an engine. The basic or main mass of metal in which the cylinders are bored or placed.
cooling fins located on the outside of cylinder and cylinder head on air-cooled engines and engineered for efficient air circulation and heat control.
crankshaft the main shaft of an engine that, working with the connecting rods, changes the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotary motion.
crankcase the housing for the crankshaft and other related internal parts.
casting pouring molten metal into a form of a desired shape.
piston a cylindrical part that is closed at one end and connected to the crankshaft by the connecting rod. The force of the explosion pushes the piston.
piston rings an expanding ring placed in the grooves of the piston to seal it against the passage of fluid or gas.
piston pin the journal for the bearing in the small end of an engine connecting rod. Pin also passes through the piston walls.
wrist pin same definition as piston pin.
connecting rod rod that connects the piston to the crankshaft.
ports the openings in the cylinder block for valves, exhaust and inlet pipes, or water connections. In two-cycle engines, the openings for inlet and exhaust purposes.
poppet valves a valve structure consisting of a circular head with an elongated stem attached in the center. Designed to open annd close a circular hole or port.
valve guide a machined hole in the engine block through which the valve stem passes that helps align the valve.
valve spring a spring attached to a valve to return it to the seat after it has been released from the lifting or opening operation.
camshaft shaft containing lobes or cams that operate engine valves.
valve lifter a rod or plunger that transfers motion from the cam and the other valve train components.
flywheel a heavy wheel in which energy is absorbed and stored by means of momentum.
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