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General Pharm Abbreviations

adverse drug effect ADE
adverse drug reaction ADR
average wholesale price AWP
compound cmpd / cpd
concentration conc
diagnosis-related group DRG
discontinue D/C / DC
dispense disp.
dispense as written DAW
Drug Enforcement Admin DEA
drug utilization review DUR
elixir elix
enteric coated EC
fluid fl.
Food and Drug Admin FDA
maximum allowable cost MAC
no known allergies NKA
nothing by mouth NPO
ointment oint. / ung
over-the-counter OTC
pediatric ped
prescription Rx
Schedule I C-I
Schedule II C-II
Schedule III C-III
Schedule IV C-IV
Schedule V C-V
solution soln
suppository supp
syrup syr
vitamin vit
water aq / aqua
wholesale acquisition cost WAC
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