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ss test1


Where does 50 percent live Piedmont
what are the 3 major cities near the fall line Columbus,Macon,Agusta
What is the jagged border between the coastal and piedmont Fall line
What is Georgia 16 canyons called Providence canyon
What city was Georgia established in Savannah
What president visited the little white house here Frank D. Roosevelt
which regiom is the okefenokee swamp located the coastal plain
What are the three main barrier islands st.simons, cumberland
what are naval stores products that come from georgia's pinetrees used in shipping
from what kind of trees do naval stores come from pine trees
what were early ships made of wood
what happen to naval stores industry in virginia and the carolinas the tree resources were running to minimum because they used to many
at the peak of the naval stores industry in GA, how many workers were involved?who were the workers? 2,500;african-americans
in which region of georgia has the naval stores industry been most important Coastal Plain
What 2 hemispheres is g.a located in North and Western
What region of the USA is GA located in SE
Name the two types of location Absolute and Relative
Which location uses longitude and latitude Absolute
What is another name for a longitude line Meridian
Name a world famous longitude line Prime Meridian
What is another name for a latitude line Parallel
Name a a world famous latitude line Equator
Name one continent through which the Prime meridian passes Europe or Africa or Asia
Our climate is Humid sub tropical
The most damaging weather is hurricane and tornadoes
many biss comes down here because Of GA due to mild climate
what region is considered GA heartland Piedmont
What region is stone mountain in Piedmont
What region is the "foot of the mountain" Piedmont
What region was the olympics held in 1996 Piedmont
What is one of the famous airplane spots in the nation in GA named after two mayors Heartsville Jackson airport
In what region is the most granite and red clay Piedmont
What region holds the famous gold dome Piedmont
What region has the most high-tech biss. in GA Piedmont
What is GA known for Lamber& furniture
In which region does the appalachian mountains start in Blue Ridge
In which region does the savannah and chattahoochee river start in Blue ridge
Which region recieves the most rain Blue Ridge
Which region has the highest elevation Blue ridge
Where is the apple capital at Ellijay (blue ridge)
Where is the anacoala falls Blue ridge
What is the tag corner Where Tennessee Alabama and Georgia connect in one corner
The stone wall is located Blue ridge



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