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Image Production II

Photograpic Factors - Contrast

What is the formula for the photographic effect? mA(time)(kVp2) / (distance in cm) 2
1" = ? cm 2.54
The greatest photographic effect(most density) will be the technique with the _____ number. highest number
The least photographic effect will be the technique with the ____ number. lowest
- this is the result of the absortion of radiation by the patient ( we have control over this) subject contrast
- is the inherent in the film itself and processing time and temp (processing) film contrast
-precentage of difference btwn the extreme blacks and whites on the radiograph contrast
What is the controlling factor of contrast? kVP
High contrast = _____ scale of contrast short
High contrast is produced by ___ kVp. low
long wavelength / ____ frequency = high contrast low
____ wavelength / high frequency = low contrast short
When the kVp is increased, what happens to the kinetic energy of the projectile electron? increases
Reducing scatter radiation, ____ contrast increases
Increasing collimation, has what effect on contrast? increases
Going from 5:1 grid to an 8:1 gride has what effect on contrast? increases
Going from table top to bucky, has what effect on contrast? increases
Which has higher contrast 200 or 400 speed? 400
Which will produce high contrast, reg speed screen or extremity cassette? reg speed screen
How much of a change in processing time or temp is require to affect contrast? 2 sec / 2 deg
Increasing the OID is also known as what technique? air gap
What kind of contrast is found in chest/abdomen? low
Positive contrast media appears how on the image? white / clear
This type of contrast media increases the atomic num of the body? positive contrast media
What are examples of positive contrast media? iodinated media and barium
Negative contrast media appears how on the image? dark/black
- decreases the atomic number of the body negative contrast media
what are examples of negative contrast media? room air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide
Which type of contrast helps to visualize small mucosal lesions? double contrast
What three things do NOT affect contrast? SID, mAs, FSS
-a sheet of metal through which the x-rays must pass before striking the object to be examined or trated filter
-inherent plus added filtration total filtration
built in... the filtration made possible by the glass envelope, and the cooling off which the beam must pass inherent
- any additional filtration one puts in the path of the beam added
What effect does filtration have on pt skin dose? reduces
How does filtration affect the beam? increases the hardness ( quality)
What is the most commonly used metal for a filter? aluminum
increasing filtration will have what effect on the radiation output from the tube? decrease
increasing filtration will have what affect on density? decrease
increasing filtration will have what effect on contrast? increase
What 3 main factors will increase the penetrating power (hardness/quality) of the x-ray beam increasing the kVp, atomic # of the filter and increasing the thickness of the filter
What describes the hardness, pentrating ability or quality of the beam? HVL
-for uniform density of the mediastinum and the lung, what type of filter is used? trough filter
Created by: erikasmith28