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Lg animal radiograph

slides of rad

safety personnel 1st and patient 2nd
safety always be aware of surrounding
safety do not compromise safety
machine types portable
machine types ceiling mounted
machine types digital and flat films
restraint sedation is usually safest
other methods restraint twitch, chain over nose, knock on head, pick up a leg
positioning goals always obtain two views
positioning goals horse standing squarely, weight evenly distributed
positioning goals well- defined joint spaces
positioning goals no motion
cassette positioning stand in safest place
cassette positioning never stand directly behind horse
cassette positioning move slowly, do not startle horse
cassette positioning always use cassette holder, never hold cassette with hands.
cassette positioning always wear lead
labeling appropriate markers visible in film emulsion
labeling correct markers for obliques
labeling lateromedial/ mediolateral views ( marker on cranial aspect of the limb)
labeling dorsopalmar/ dorsoplantar views ( marker on lateral aspect of limb)
labeling oblique views ( marker on lateral aspect of limb)
hoof projections distal phalangeal
hoof preparation five P's Pull shoes Pick hoof Para Hoof Pack sole Place on wooden blocks
hoof projections 4 common views
4 views of hoof lateromedial, dorsopalmar, dorsoplantar, 60degree DP, caudal tangential (navicular skylines)
used evalute of the hoof distal phalanx rotation- displacement, navicular disease, osteophytes
lateromedial center beam on coronary band
lateromedial include entire toe and heel bulbs
lateromedial condyles of P2 and wings of P3 superimposed
lateromedial clear view of distal interphalangeal joint
dorsopalmar/ dorsoplantar center beam on coronary band
dorsopalmar/ dorsoplantar beam perpendicular to midline of horse's leg
dorsopalmar/ dorsoplantar includes P1, P2 P3
dorsopalmar/ dorsoplantar condyles of P2 and wings of P3 are symmetrical
60 degree DP place foot on cassette tunnel
60 degree DP beam angled proximodistally at 60 degrees
60 degree DP center on coronary band
60 degree DP wings of P3 symmetrical
caudal tangential place foot on cassette tunnel
caudal tangential position leg caudally
caudal tangential beam angled proximodistally and palmaro/ plantarodorsal at 45 degrees
fetlock projections metacarpophalangeal/ metatarsophalageal
lateral beam parallel to floor and perpendicular to joint
lateral center over fetlock joint
lateral metacarpal condyles and sesamoid bones superimposed
dorsopalmar/ dorsoplantar center beam over fetlock and perpendicular to midline of leg
dorsopalmar/ dorsoplantar angle beam 20-30 degrees proximodistally
dorsopalmar/ dorsoplantar sesamoid bones equally superimosed over distal cannon bone.
obliques beam 45 degrees from lateral
obliques beam horizontal or proximodistally 20 degrees
obliques dorsolateral- palmaromedial/ plantaromedial
obliques dorsolateral- palmarolateral/ plantarolateral
cannon bone projections metacarpal/ metatarsal
DP, lateral, obliques center on middle of bone, beam parallel to ground
carpal projection radiocarpal
Created by: Jessica vet