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CDC Vol 4

at what temp must a refrigerated storage chill space be maintained between 32 and 50 degrees
how many feet must seperate flammable storage facilities from other storage 50ft
what are the two types of open storage improved and unimproved
what protects supplies in improved storage from wet grounds drainage
when planning a warehouse layout the basic resource of any material managemet and distribution operation is storage space
what storage factor is used when items with the slowest turnover rate are stored in areas farther from active stock processing areas popularity
when you increase the amount of space for an item to eliminate overflow you are implementing what item storage factor quantity
within a stockroom items are stored in bin rows how are they numbered odd numbers to the left of the main isle
the designator to identify a storage level in a warehouse is single capital letter
what identifies storage level 01A002B003G B
what is used to identify a bin subdivision in 05C045F056D D
how are bin labels produced for storage location CEMAS report
which process identifies records with duplicate warehouse locations warehouse location validation
when you match and stack containers by size you are implementing what method stack compactly
which storage method helps to ensure that the oldest items are issued before they become outdated store for first-in first-out
markings found on containers that do not apply ti presently packaged materials need to be destroyed
when handling material the ideal lifting position is at the the carriers waist
when property arrives to the recieving area who should help the driver back up the spotter
before accepting a shipment the recieving funtion rep must make sure all containers are accounted for
who signs a copy of the bill of lading and files the document in the freight office recieving function rep
which part of the transportation control number (TCN) identifies the shipment as belonging to AF account positions 1-2
which document is used as the accountable document for items recieved from base supply DD form 1348-1A issue release
who maintains the classified listing (CCL) authorization list of individuals approved ti handle process or accept controlled material LRS customer service
the BOM item inquiry screen can be accessed from which of these screens work order material info
when a CEMAS reciept is processed which files are updated buying history, noun dictionary, purchase order and vendor files
what document is a result of recieving an item into CEMAS inventory PMD
how long does the PMD stay with a item located in the holding area until the item changes hands
non-CEMAS reciepts are items that do not require capitalization or whose cost does not need to be distributed to the shop rate
auditable recieving documents are file according to local procedures
what are two categories of material discrepancies shipping and material quality
when excessive packaging is used by the contractor which form is used to report the additional costs to the government standard form 364 report of discrepancy
which form is used to report air mobilty command (AMC) and contract carrier discrepancies DD form 361 transportaion discrepancy report
which form is initiated by ocean terminals to consolidate individual transportation discrepancy reports when a sealift carrier is at fault DD form 470 cargo out turn report
which work order is used to issue items from store stock 00011
which transaction record identification code (TRIC) identifies store stock withdrawals issue (ISU)
what is the maximum number of items that can be retained and issued using the CEMAS multiple issue option 50
which CEMAS file is updated to reflect items that have been issued from the holding area MBMI
which CEMAS program is used ti issue items from the residue holding area to any valid work order MNONUDRI
where does CEMAS check 1st for availability of stock when a BOM is firmed residue
what happens to the BOM line item when the entire line item quantity is returned to store stock or residue the line item is deleted
which CEMAS program is used to place property found on base into the inventory system MTRHUD
when transferring an item using the store/forward store to residue option what is the minimum quantity that can be transferred the total quantity available in the store
how many days are BOM's kept active before they are deleted at the end of month process 120
what action if any must be taken to produce a BOM final closeout when workorder is closed and items remain in the holding area the items must be transferred to store or residue
what action if any must be taken to produce a BOM final closeout report when a work order is closed but the BOM indicates requirements that were cancelled by contracting the items must be deleted from the BOM
which CEMAS files contains the quantities available in the residue holding area (RHA) noun dictionary (MNON)
excess property must be returned to the store no later than being stored as a RHA item when the item is coded as a main store stocked item
which CEMAS program is used to review items in RHA MNONUDRA
how are items deleted or added from the store material aquisition personnel
what work order indicator is used to establish a forward store O
which CEMAS program is used for all forward store actions MSSNUD
before addding an item to the store you must determine where the bin location is going to be, how many of item should be kept on the shelf and what the order quantity should be
CEMAS will start recalculating reorder points and quantities how long after the item is added to stock 6 months
what must be entered in the store stocked field to remove the item from the store N
how are reorder quantities or reorder points controlled for forward stores manually
who is responsible for end of session process IWIMS SSA
who modifies the frequency of reports to meet mission requirements chief of material aquisitions (CMA)
which report frequency is reset every time EOS is processed frequency code Y
which documents are recreated at the discretion of the supervisor documents that do not require signatures for audit purposes
who can aprove the certified copy of a recreated PMD area supervisor
which automated reports must be retained for two years or until replaced daily transaction register and DIRK transaction register
documents for DSW order must be retained when capitalization is required
when are the main store, holding, residue, and forward stores inventoried daily
what is the effect of freeze codes items will remain frozen until inventory actions are completed
who certifies the consolidated inventory adjustment register operations flight chief
who ensure all bins are labeled and cleaned storage area manager
who inputs quantities into the inventory program individual performing the inventory
categorizing the type of discrepancies identified during an inventory so that corrective actions can be started to reconcile the accountable records is called research
what type of discrepancy is usually the result of an accountable processing error resolved discrepancy
what type of discrepancy usually involves additional documentation to support an inventory adjustment to relieve the accountable officer of further accountability or responsibilty unresolved discrepancy-no responsibility involved
what is the first step in researching inventory discrepancies review the daily/consolidated transaction register for erroneous transactions
when is supporting documents not needed for an inventory adjustment adjustments to item record balance is not required
adjustments in which area require special handling because of changes in BOM costs holding area
what condition requires that items be accounted for even though automated systems are not available degraded operations
who makes sure listings are maintained and upgraded during deployment control team chief
who has the responsibility for day to day accountability of materials during deployment all material management personnel
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