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présent cer

stem change

Verbs like prononcer - what et how do you change? the c becomes ç before the letter o
to announce - what kind of verb annoncer - vt
we announce nous annonçons
to move forward (object ou head) to hold out (hand)- what kind of verbs avancer vt can also be vi
we move forward nous avançons
to swing (thing, arms, legs) to rock (baby) to push (sur une balançoire 'swing ou seesaw) - what kind of verb balancer - vt
we swing nous balançons
to start, to begin (work ou meal)(thing) to open (bottle ou product) - what kind of verb commencer - vt can also be vi
we start nous commençons
to smash in (door ou fence) to plough up (road ou terrain) - what kind of verb défoncer - vt can also be vpr (look that up)
we smash in nous défonçons
to move (object ou furniture) to displace (bone) to transfer (civil servant) to attract (crowd) to shift the emphasis (problem) déplacer - vt can also be vpr
we move nous déplaçons
to get ahead of (distance, he beat me by 3 min.) to arrive before (he got to the light before me) to anticipate (question, desire 'wish') - what kind of verb devancer - vt
we get ahead of nous devançons
to erase (clear the table, take your hands out of your pockets, take your elbows off the table) to rub out (with an eraser) to delete (on a computer)''becareful - talking about money is to write off NOT erase like you paid them'' - what kind of verb effacer - vt can also be vpr
we erase nous effaçons
to spice (les dictionnaires doesn't give the verb) épicer
we spice nous épiçons
to craft ou make (artistic, hand made) to shape (substance, hazardous material) to manufacture (object, industry) to mold (character, person) - what kind of verb façonner - vt
we craft, we manufacture nous façonnons
Created by: chaaya
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