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CR, for t, l, c spin

rad tech positions and angles for the cspine t spine and l spine exams

AP projection that shows the dens. not the open mouth method is called Fuchs
What is the cnetral ray for the Fuchs method perp. just distal to the tip of the chin
What is the central ray for the Ap open- mouth projection of the c spine perp. enter midpoint of open mouth
What is the central ray for the lateral projection of the c spine perp. to 1 inch distal to the mastoid tip
CR for AP axial projection of C-spine is directed to ? C 4
What is the central ray angle for AP axial of the C-spine 15 -20 degrees cephalic
Where does central ray enter for a lateral projectrion of the c spine C 4
What is the method called for a lateral projection of the c spine Grandy method
What is the central ray angulation for the Grandey method (lateral cspine) perpendicular
What is the angle for the CR for an AP axial oblique projecion of c spine 15 - 20 degrees cephalic
Angle for PA axial oblique of the c spine 15-20 degrees caudad
what is the cr andle for the swimmer's technique of cervicothoracic region perpendicular
where does the CR enter for a swimmers of the c spine 2 inches above the jugular notch at C7- T1
Where is central ray directed for AP thoracic halfway between jugular notch and xyphoid process
For a lateral projection of the T spine place the superior part of IR? 1 1/2 - 2 inches above relaxed shoulders
Central ray angulation for t spine? for woman for man if column not on same plane man - 15 degrees woman - 10 degrees cephalic
AP oblique of T spine andle is entering at t 7 perp
rotation for oblique t spine 70 degrees. so 70 degrees from supine position
For AP lumbar only the central ray is at level of L3 1 1/2 inches above the crest
For lumbar spine and sacrum AP center the ray L4 at the crest
CR angle for Lateral projection of the lumbar when spine isnt straight men - 5 degrees women - 8 degrees caudad
For a spot of L spine the CR enters 1 1/2 inches inferior from crest 2 inches posterior ASIS
AP oblique L spine oblique the patient? 45 degrees
AP oblique L spine for lumbar region only, the CR enters 2" medial ASIS 1 1/2 above crest
Ap OBLIQUE L spine for 5th zyapophyseal joint 2 " medial elevated ASIS midway bwq iliac crest and ASIS
AP or PA axial projection of the Lumbosacral junction is called the ______ method Ferguson
For ferguson method ( AP axial projection) what is the CR angle men- 30 degrees woman 35 caudad
central ray enters where for AP axial for lumbosacral 1 1/2 superior to pubic symphysis
what is angle for a lumbar spot (L5-S1) 5 - 8 degrees
what is IR size for ap pa axial (ferguson) 8 x 10 "
For an AP oblique of the sacroiliac joint which side is the side of interest side farthest away
how much do you oblique patient for an AP oblique of sacroiliac joints 25 - 30 degrees
where does CR enter for AP oblique of sacroiliac joint 1 inch medial from ASIS
angle for ap oblique of sacroiliac joint perp
cassette for sacrum 10 x 12 lw
cassette size for coccyx 8x 10
centering for lateral sacrum ASIS
centering for coccyx 2 " inferior to asia
longitudinal centering for coccyx and sacrum 3 1/2 " posterior to aSIS
What is angle for AP axial of sacrum 15 degrees cephalic
what is angle for PA axial of sacrum 15 degrees caudad
what is angle for AP axial of coccyx 10 degrees caudad
what is angle for PA axial of coccyx 10 degrees cephalic
what is a scoliosis series PA/ AP projection latreral projection include 1 inch of iliac crest
AP spinal fusion includes right and left bending
Laeral spinal fusion includes? hyperflexion and hyperextension
Created by: PIKFUR