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CDC Vol 3

which CE material aquisiton operation places all materials and accountablity under the control of a contractor COCESS
what are the three distinct fuctions of CE material aquisitions chief of MA, requirements section, material storage
who is responsible for making sure inventories are scheduled and completed and that discrepancies are corrected CMA
the purpose of store and forward store is to provide a stock of common use and critical materials for direct issue to craftsmen
which element is the primary POC in logistics readiness squadron (LRS) for all supply related questions customer service
which suppy code is used on the AF form 2005 issue,turn in reciept issue exception code (IEX)
which supply code used on the AF form 205 categorizes how badly mission capability is hindered if the requested item is not available urgency justification code
which form is used to purchase non-cataloged item form 1348-6
when CEMAS is not available what form can CE craftsmen use to request up to 12 WO material items form 1445
typically an AF form 9 is used for procure non-recurring local purchase materials
which block of the AF form 9 can be used to draw attention to the critical nature of a request block 20, purpose
a purchase description on an AF form 9 should be written in simple language
what is established with a vendor after a blanket purchase is awarded a charge account
what element is responsible for posting and maintaing any modifications and correspondance pertaining to a BPA material acquisition
which section of the BPA folder contains the monthly call registers section 2
which section of the BPA folder contains the pricelist section 4
what must be updated to reflect the cost information for work order materials purchased with a GPC CEMAS
the performing activity creates obligations against the funds cited in a military interdepartment purchase request (MIPR) after its accepted
before funds can be obligated the MIPR must be accepted by the performing activity
what are the two MIPR categories reimbursable and direct citation
which listing does CE material aquistion use daily to review the status of SBSS back orders D03, BCE daily due out listing
which listing does LRS specifically provide CE material aquisition is validated and returned to the LRS if there are backorders ti be cancelled M09, BCE due out listing
which listing is specifically to assist CE organizations in reviewing and validating M09
what supply status info code from the D03, M09, and M30 listings LRS provides CEMA that indicates an item is being processed for release and shipment BA
what type of base contracting acquisiton system transaction modifies the purchase order to reflect changes made to a previously awarded purchase request LPA
what type of BCAS transaction is follwed by an LPX transaction LPS
which research data provides you with a description of a NSN characteristic data
the illustrated parts breakdown is normally broken down into how many sections 3
how are next higher assemblies (NHA) determined in the technical order system the indent dot system
in the IPB what provides maintenance activities with repair level responsibilities the source, maintenance and recoverability codes (SMR)
what is research source for commercially available products user manuals and catalogs
how do TO's differ from user manuals TO's are greater in detail
which CEMAS code cannot be used in conjuction with any other access code 97 COCESS
the user log on field in the ID file is optional when the individual being added to CEMAS is only authorized to draw materials
where is the CEMAS stock list number assigned to the next record added to the noun dictionary MCTL
who is respnsible for the IWIMS end of session (EOS) process SSA
when running as required reports which report frequency is reset every time after the EOS is processed Y
which file is the CEMAS printer informaton identified MVAR
which file has the base name, address, and installation code in CEMAS MVAR
what element of expense investment code is used by CEMAS at bases with a COCESS function 61910
how many stock record account numbers (SRAN can CEMAS support 5
what info entered on the base screen will be displayed on all CEMAS products base name
which CEMAS access code is required for a user to access the system administrator utility menu 99
what is required to run the noun primary source conversion program in CEMAS audit key
in CEMAS the program MPENGONE is used to remove pending material costs attached to a work order record
in CEMAS the DIRK program is used to remove records from various files through a non-standard method
which newly established codes must be added to the base supply system prior to establishing funds in CEMAS ORG organization
who assigns the FCA number in CEMAS accounting and finance
what limitation is associated with loading money against ORG targets in CEMAS the ORG target cant exceed the FCA balance
in the CEMAS wich nouns are not programatically recommended for deletion due to low use seasonal items
in CEMAS what makes a nun unique CEMAS stock list number
in CEMAS what field in the noun dictionary identifies special instructions or restrictions for hazardous items issue exception code
which items can be loaded into CEMAS noun dictionary for reference but cant be ordered through CEMAS equipment authorized in detail
how many days after a noun is coded will the reorder quantities be calculated programatically 180
to modify a local purchase order record in the CEMAS, a user must have what access code 55
the priority field on a COCESS purchase order record determines if there additional charges to be added to the purchase order
what info must you input to view BOM line items in CEMAS work order number
in CEMAS which field identifies the BOM as being ready for material aquisition to order the items required delivery date (RDD)
in CEMAS what must you do if you delete a BOM without cancelling the purchase order record transfer the property to stck or residue when you recieve it
what types of items are stocked in the main store high use, expendable
who assigns the bench stock number used to identify items in base supply base supply
in CEMAS whta field may be used to override the reorder point minimum level
what access must a user have in his/her CEMAS ID record to add or change noun records planner-1 or material requisition-51
in CEMAS what agency updates the craft code (MSCF) file 754th electronic systems group (ELSG)
in CEMAS you know a noun record needs to be researched if bin location displays 'new item'
when can the adjectives assigned to a noun record be changed when the adjective assigned to the noun record is deleted
what is the only user modifiable field for a noun record which is coded for delete deleted
a noun record can be deleted when the item has an adjective assigned
which CEMAS report lists nouns that have been coded for delete PCN SF022-355
in CEMAS the mateial aquisition workload program is used to locate BOM requirements
how are BOM requirements sorted on CEMAS BOM workload screen RDD
which CEMAS listing can identify requirements that been awaiting requisition action for a specific number of days PCN SF022-140
in CEMAS materials that are processed as line item requisitions are items for recurring maintenance, plant ops, shop stock and emergency store stock replenishment
what CEMAS access code is required for a user to process line item requisitions 12
in CEMAS what is the function of the pending line item rquisition program (MPMOUD) allows personnel without requisition access to pre-identify requirements
which items can not be requisitioned in CEMAS vehicle parts
who should be provided with documents for non-CEMAS items recieving section
in CEMAS which document is produced when an item is transferred from store to BOM a property movement document (PMD)
in CEMAS why should line item requisitioning be limited to just a few personnel funds are moved immediately
when you are processing a line item in CEMAS what does 'unable to assign doc' mean a file conflict
the pending line item requisition program (MPMOUD) was developed originally for use during end of year processing
which CEMAS listing can be used during shortfalls PCN SF022-526
why must you ensure non-CEMAS items are processed into CEMAS to ensure proper costing and provide an audit trail
what CEMAS data is updated by base supply transactions work order costs and purchase order info
what must your system administrator establish before the IWIMS can retrieve a file from base supply a file transfer protocol record (FTP)
what is used to make sure SBSS transactions are recieved and processed only once sequence number
SBSS transactions that cannot be validated through the edit process are passed to the RTS file
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