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Ch 10 MC2010

The Prescription

etiology or origin of the word "prescription" latin praescripto
meaning of the latin word "praescriptio" writting order
definition of, action of writing (that takes place)before (a drug is dispensed) prescription
written, computerized, electronic, or verbal order from a physician to a pharmacist on how to dispense a drug to a specific patient who requires drug therapy prescription
a prescription is a _________ document and can be used as evidence in a court of law medicolegal
________ (OTC) drugs DO NOT require a prescription and can be purchased by any adult. nonprescription
handwritten prescription on a single preprinted form taken from a prescription pad. is the traditional way in which prescriptions have been done for centuries. written prescription
with advent of the electronic patient record, can be typed in the medical office's software, a copy of the prescription printed out, signed by physician, and given to patient. can be faxed directly to pharmacist. computerized prescription
prescription type generated by a computer, NOT signed by physician (signature is already printed), can be faxed directly to pharmacist. electronic prescription
type of prescription that is not written, but given over the phone, in case physician cant see pt in medical office verbal prescription
some states sucha as Florida passed a law that all handwritten prescriptions must be __________ legible (readable)
to prevent theft of prescription pads, it is important to: 1. locked in a drawer or closet 2. have physician only carry ONE pad on himself 3. never leave pads unattended 4. physician should never signed blank prescription forms.
when prescription is for a NON controlled substance, what can the pharmacist do ??? fill the prescription w/o a printed prescription and w/o physicians signature
written record of a physician's order to the pharmacist to dispense a drug to a patient who is in a hospital or other medication order
medication orders are handwritten on a large preprinted form known as the..... physician's order or physician's order record
verbal orders (V.O.)are also known as ..... telephone orders
group of specific orders that are preprinted on a facility's physician's order sheet standing orders
NPO no food after midnight
type of medication order that originates NOT with the physician but with the hospital pharmacy automatic stop orders
all drug orders carry an automatic stop order that is activated whenever a patient's __________ changes in the ________ situation, hospital
if the patient is discharged to another healthcare facility, the physician lists all of the patient's ________ in the _________ __________ drugs. discharge summary
physician's name, name of the medical group, office address, ph # preprinted at the top of the prescription. identifying information about prescriber in the prescription form
this information is NOT included on the physician's order sheet identifying information about the prescriber in the physician's order sheet
pt's first and last name, address written on prescription form by physician in order to ........ identify information about patient in a prescription form
this information is not always included on a prescription form, but it can be useful age and weight of the pt
the physician writes the full _______ (month/day/year) on the prescription form date of order
symbol that stands for the Latin word "recipere", meaning "to take" Rx
the physician writes either the drug's generic __________ or its trade _________on the prescription form name
number that appears right after the name of drug, this number, which indicates the drug ___________, is followed by an abgbereviation of a unit measurement strength
specific drug ________ must be included (capsules, tablets, liquids, IV solutions) form
symbol "#". indicates to the pharmacist the total number of capsules, tablets, milliliters, ounces, etc. of a drug to dispense to the patient quantity to be dispensed
abbreviation "Sig." stands for the latin word "signetur", meaning "write on label". it indicates the directions for how to use the drug. directions for use
at the bottom of a prescription form, there is a preprinted line with "M.D." signature
the physician indicates how many times the pt is permitted to ________ the prescription before he/she must be re-evaluated medically. refills
DAW, generic substitution, "no substitution" or "do not substitute", "brand necessary", "brand medically necessary" dispense as written
DEA drug enforcement agency
only needed on prescription were controlled substances are prescribed (#) DEA number
once a prescription is submitted to the pharmacy, it becomes property of the pharmacy, and the pahrmacy is responsible for keeping it for __________ _______ several years
a ________ is placed on each prescription bottle label
to obtain a refill, the patient must provide this unique _____________ ___________ to the pharmacy prescription number
the ________ _______ ______ for prescription drug bottles was invented in _________ childproof safety cap, 1984
legitimate internet pharmacies have a seal on the home opage of their website that says "________ ________ _______ ________ _______ " verified internet pharmacy provider site
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