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Correct or Incorrect?--dashes, colons, semicolons, parentheses(RL)

Ronald brought: brownies, watermelon, and potato salad to the church picnic. incorrect
Terry hated that his bathroom walls were—mint green. incorrect
The last time I went to Disney World (1997) I was impressed by the cleanliness of the place. correct
My mother, a teacher at a prestigious high school, is nearing retirement. correct
I never allow my children to watch TV; drink sugary drinks; or go to bed without brushing their teeth. incorrect
Small planes are the only way to travel in the Alaskan arctic: some areas are simply too remote to reach any other way. correct
The hockey team had just one singular goal: winning. correct
The creepy vampire was out for—blood. incorrect
It was his pretty face—not his acting skill—that made Tom Cruise famous. correct
Amy never knew what hit her—the massive deer that hit her car appeared like an apparition from the dark woods. correct
Ell and her brothers (rented a motorboat) and went fishing for the weekend. incorrect
I hated the apartment (#17F) for so many reasons. correct
The walls were trashed (sagging wall paper and several holes), the carpets were filthy (stained and worn thin), and the place was infested with pests (mice and roaches around every turn). correct
The two brothers, fraternal twins, looked nothing alike. correct
The store was (closed) when I arrived. incorrect
Created by: HGTC Eng 032