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Basic Fundamentals

Electricity finals

QuestionMother FUCKIN Answers
In replacing a ____ it is desireable to use an exact replacement this means a ____ with the same MFD rating and voltage limit rating. Capacitor
___ Controls are nonelectric and opperated by air pressure Pneumatic Controls
In this diagram for observing the sequence of operation is _____ ______. Is represented by vertical lines shown as L1 and L2 Ladder Diagram
An example of a ____ ____ is a room thermostat. When the Thermostat calls for colling the AC Unit begins to run The direct action of the control starts or stops the unit. An example of an indirect control device is the low pressure switch and arngment of Direct Control
Fan Motor, Damper, Compressor, Contactor, Pumps, Valves, Relays, Ventilator Controlled Devices ( Loads)
Thermostat, Humidistat, Fan Switch, Overload, Pressure Switch, Defrost Timer, Head Pressure Control, Low Ambient Control, these are all.. Control Devices (Switches)
A ___ is an example of an auto control device. Thermostat
Where fuses are used to protect motors in the circuit, a special type of fuse is used called a ___ ____ fuse or dual element fuse. Time Delay
___ are constructed using the induction characteristics of AC Power. Transformers
A Characteristic of electromagnetism is its ability to induce a current flow in another conductor that passes through its magnetic field. This is known as ___. It is useful in the design of transformers, motors, and generators Induction
When the current flows through the coil the rod tends to center its self in the coil. This principle can be used to opperate a switch. This arrangement is useful in the construction of relays, ____, ____ ___, and motors Contactors, Solenoid Valves & motors
Anytime the current flows through a ___ it creats a magnetic field around it to intensify the field, The ___ is coiled Conductor
DO NOT interchange ___& ___ Capacitors. ___ capacitors are high capacity (100-800 MFD) electrolytic units that are intended for a mometarilly use in starting motors. & Normally incased in plastic. ___ capacitors have much lower capacitance ratings 2-40mfd Start Capacitors, run capacitors
Controls are required to start, stop, regulate & ptotect the refrdg. cycle & its components. Many controls today are electric or electronic ___controls. Commonly in com. bldgs. the 4 basic types are Thermostat, Pressurestat, Humidistat & the time clock. Pneumatic controls
The ___ ___ ___ is used to stop the compressor at a predetermined minimum opperating pressure. Low Pressure Control
Prob. the best example of a pressure control used for safety purposes. ___ ___ ___ can be set to stop the compressor before excessive pressures are reached. High Pressure Cutout
The oil safety switch is designed to protect against the loss of ___ ___ Oil Pressure
Bimetallic disks are another type of electrical ___ ___ Overload Protector
Electrical overloads provide for protection against ___ ___. Excessive Current
It is never acceptable to ____ across a safety device Jumper
Controls protect the cycle & its components from damage. Safety Controls
Opperating controls are ___, ___, & ___ controls that are used to opperate the system after it is started. Electrical, Pneumatic, Mechanical
RELAY, STARTER, CONTACTOR. These devices consist of 2 parts: A coil that is energized when the primary control closes and one or more switches that change position when this occurs dif. betw. the 3 devices is mainly size. the starter is a contact w/ __ __ Overload Protection
Another electrical control. Detent, or ___ action; Typically, all electrical contacts should be opened and closed quickly & cleanly. Snap Action
The ___& ___ points cannot be the same or the control would chatter. The difference between these points is the differential. Cutout & Cutin Pts.
___ is the difference between the min. and the max. opperating points within which the control will function accurately. Range
The 3rd type of basic control is the humidity control or humidistat. ___ elements are used on these controls, the most common is human hair Hygrospopic elements
Pressure controls can be divided into 2 catagories: The ___ type & the ___ ___ type Bellows type Bourdon tube type
The great advantage of the electronic Therm. is its accuracy. It will control the temp. within 1 Degree F. for comparison the ___ thermostat controls to an accuracy of about 2 Degree F. Bimetal Thermostat
This is a sensing element for an electronic thermostat. The ___ has a resistance element that is affected by temp. Thermistor
The Pushing that causes electrons to flow is Current
The unit of measurement for current flow is? Ampere
Loads are considered as Voltage Sources
The coil of a wire with moveable iron core is referred to as a Contactor
The part of a transormer that consumes energy to produce magnetism is called The Primary Winding
When there is more voltage in the secondary winding than in the primary winding, the transformer is called A delta Transformer
An undergrounded conductor is known as the Hot Leg
The formula "VA= VxA is used to determine The rating of a transformer
The Neutral is known as the Grounded conductor
The two basic configurations for transforers are Single Phase and Polyphase
in the 240/120 VAC 60 cycle power source the voltage between L1 and Neutral is 120 Volts
The opposition to the movement of magnetic lines of force is called Electromotive Force
In order to beneficially use a voltmeter, what must you do before measurements are taken? Turn the power on.
Reading voltage across the load indicates A complete circuit to the load
The most important thing to do when using a ohmmeter to test a circuit Turn off the power to the circuit being tested.
Electronic air filters are commonly operated with D-C power
Electron flow is measured n Amps
Electronic air filters are commonly operated with D-C power
Electron flow is measured in Amps
What type of motor is usually rated at less than 1/2 HP The shaded pole motor
The voltage induced into the start winding of a motor is called Back EMF
An overload that breaks the control circuit is called Pilot Duty
The secondary side of a transformer Has voltage induced into it
Potential is also known as Electromotive Force
Run Capacitors range in size 2-80 MFD
Which transformer will have a Wild Leg? Delta 4 wire system
The opposition to the movement of magnetic lines of force is called Reluctance
The coil resistance of the current start relay Zero Ohms
The potential start relay is wired In parallel with the motor start winding
The motor which uses a current relay to remove the start winding from the circuit is called RSIR
In the PSC motor , the run capacitor is wired In series with the start winding
When using a PSR, terminal 5 of the relay is connected to The common terminal
When wiring the dual winding motors line voltage is connected to the run and common terminals
The highest motor winding resistace will be found between The run and start winding
The lowest motor winding resistance will be found between The common and the run windings
Connecting capacitors in parallel will cause their MFD rating to Add
An under sized run capacitor will cause The motor run winding to draw higher than normal amps.
An over sized run capacitor will cause the motor start winding to draw higher than normal amps
In pilot duty overload, the switch portion opens the control circuit to the motor
The 3 phase motor, single phasing occurs when The voltage is lost to one phase of the motor
The max voltage unbalance in a 3 phase motor is 2%
The max current unbalance in a 3 phase motor is 10%
In a line duty overload, the switch portion is wired In series with the motor
If theoverload in a PSC motor opens, what resistance reading would you have between the common and run terminals of the motor? Infinite resistance
__ is the measurement of the Potential difference Voltage
What motor requires no AUX windings, and no switching circuits. 3 phase motor
___ Force or potential is the ability to make current flow Electromotive force
The rate of electric current fkiw is measured in? Amperes
The other 5 forms of energy that can be used to generate electricity are Chemical, heat, light, magnetic, mechanical
The phaseshift factors are Inductive circuit, resistive circuit,capacitive circuit
The __ circuit contains at least one __ load, such as an electric heater or lamp Resistive Circuit Resistive Load
The __ is an electrical device that is used to change the phase relationship between the current & voltage Capacitor
Opperating controls are __, __, &___ controls that are used to operate the system after it is started Electrical, Pneumatic,& mechanical controls
These devices consist of 2 parts: a coil that is energized when the primary control closes and one or more switches that change position when this occurs. Relay, Starter, & Contactor
These devices provide either current protection or temperature protection. They use bimetal disks and reset automatically after recovering from the overload condition External Suppliment Overload or Current Temp.
In a __ __ motor, a pilot duty device senses current overload or excessive temp. Within the motor, and opens the contactor circuit to remove the power to the motor. 3 phase motor
On a __ __ motors, if the voltage varies more than 2% between phases, the life of the motor will be reduced 3 Phase motor
Typically motors are designed to be applied withing +-10% of the __ ___ voltage Name plate
The __ __ current is the momentary starting current. This can be 3 to 5 times the running current of the motor Locked rotor
__ reads true power including an allowance for the power factor Wattmeter
Ohmeters measure the electrical resistance and can be used to check the circuit for ___ Continuity
__ are used to measure current flow through a circuit. Ampmeters
Voltmeters are connected in paralell with the load to read the voltage drop or __ difference Potential
A Wattmeter is used to measure electrical __ Power
An Ohmmeter is used to measure electrical__ Resistance
A Capacity checker is used to measure Capacity __ capacitance Microfarad (MFD)
Voltage= E= Electromotive force
Amperes= I= Intensity
Watts= p= Power
The PTC is a temp. sensitive device whose electrical __ will increase as it's temp. increases Resistance
Fewer electrons in their outter ring__ Insulators
Measure the rate of current_ Ampere
Measure of potential difference__ Voltage
Measure of electrical work__ Watt
A circuit without a load Short circuit
More than one path for the current to flow__ Paralell circuit
40 VA& 1.6 amps Transformer
We draw switches in the __ position De energized
the phase shift factors are Resistive Circuits, Inductive circuits, capacitive circuits
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