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Physics 1 U2 & HM

Measure of radiationin air Roentgen
What is used to measure machines Roengten
That exposure of x or gamma radiation such that the accoiated corpuscular emission per 0.001293 grams of air produces what ions carrying one electrostatic unit of quanitiy of electricity of either signs
The amount of energy imparted to matter by ioninzing particles per unity mass of irradiated material at the place of interest the absorbed dose
unit of absorbed dose RAD
measures the amount of radiation absorbed by an object RAD
What does RAD stand for Radiation Absorbed Dose
Used in dosimetry reports Term REM
The unit of dose equivalent of the combination of absorbeddose and x-ray, gamma, beta, or fast neutrons REM
what does REM stand for Roentgen Equivalent Man
1 REM is the dose of any given type of radiation that produces the same biological effect as how many R of x-rays or gamma radiation 1
Whay does RBE stand for Relative Biological Effectiveness/ Quality factor
Relates the biological effect of various types of radiations to that of x and gamma radiation RBE
What is the RBE/Quality factor of each: X-ray & Gamma ; Beta; Alpha X-ray and gamma is 1; Beta is 10; Alpha is 20
If the quality factor of x-reys is 1 what would Roentgen, RAD, and REM for diagnostic radiology be 1
what does the quality fact not effect Radiation Theraphy and Nuclear Medicine
If you had 3 Rads of x-rays; 2 Rads of gamma; 2 Rads of Alpha; 1 Rad of Beta how many REm do you get 3x1= 3; 2x1= 2; 2x20=40; 1x10= 10 and that equals 55 REMS
Explain about one curie one curie is that quantity of material in which 3.7x10 to the tenth atoms disintegrate every second
Measure tha quantity of radioactive material and not the radiation emitted Curie
1 REM = ____mREM; 0.5 REM= ___mREM ;; 1 RAD =___mRAD; 0.5 RAD=____mRAD 1000;; 500;; 1000;; 500
What does Coulomb(Air Kerma) = Roentgen
Gray(Gy)= RAD
Sievert(Sv)= REM
Becquerel= Curie
What are the SI units of measurement Coulomb, Gray, Sievert, and Bequerel
What are the traditional units of Measurement Roentgen, RAD, REM, and Curie
HOw to you convert Rad to Gray Rad divided by 100 = Gray 100rads=1 gray
How to you covert Gray to Rad Gray multipled by 100 = RAD 1gray= 100rads
How do you convert REM to Sievert Rem divided by 100=sievert
how do you convert Sievert to Rem Sievert multiplied by 100= REM
Giga- 1,000,000,000
Mega- 1,000,000
Kilo- 1,000
Hecto- 100
Deka- 1
Deci- .1
Centi- .01
Milli- .001
Micro- .000001
Nano- .000000001
The quanity of matter described by enery equivalence Mass
KIlogram means Mass
What does kilogram mean to the English Pound
The meter is the distance traveled by light in 1/299,792,468 second LENGTH
English words for length inch; yard
based on vibration of cesium atoms Time
Words used for time second
The speed Velocity
A measure of how fast something is moving Velocity
The change of velocity with time Acceleration
How quickly or slowly velocity is changing Acceleration
Force times distance Work
The rate of doing work Power/Jewels
The ability to do work energy
What are three Laws of Newton's Laws of motion 1/ Inetria 2/force 3/Action/Reaction
Explain Inertia A body will remain at rest or continue to move at constant velocity in a straight line unless acted on by an external force
Explain Force the force acting on an object with acceleration is equal to the mass multiplied bt the acceleration; Push or pull of an object
Eplain Action/Reaction For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Which of the following is not a base quantity in the SI? Exposure
Which of the following is SI base unit? Kilogram
Which of the following standards of SI measure is correct the second is based on the vibrations of cesium atoms
Water has a mass density of 1g/cm3. its density is also 10-3kg/m3
SI stands for which of the following Le Systeme International d'Unites
Which of the following is not a system of units French
Which of the following is an SI name for a base unit Second
Which of the folloing is an unit of energy Joule
which of the following is an SI derived unit Joule
The unit of measurement that is the same for all systems of measure is the Second
What unit results when a coulomb is divided by a second Ampere
The radiologic unit millampere second(mAs) is actually Charge/ Number of Electrons
A radiation monitoring report would express a radiologic technologist dose equivalent in which of the following REM
A PA chest radiograph delivers approximately what dose to the patient 10mRad
To produce death, mice must be irradiated to a total dose of approximately 600 rad
The approximate output intensity of a radiologic x-ray tube is 5mr/mAs
99mTc is the most often used radionuclide in diagnostic nuclear medicine. It is used in quantities of mCi
The reontgen is a unit of measurement that specifies which of the following Intensity of x-ray
Which of the following adequately describes the use of the rad to measure energy absorbed tissue
Which of the following is a classic radiologic unit Rem
If 2 rad is delivered to 2g of soft tissue, 1g of tissue receives 2rad
Absorbed dose can be measured in Gy
Which of the following is not a unit of energy Rad
Which of the following is a unit of radioactivity Ci
Which demonstrates the proper use of the unit of Roentgen x-ray intensity from a linear accelerator unit is 200R/min
In diagnostic radiology it is acceptable to assume that 1R is equal to 1J
In SI system 1000 rad is equivalent to 10Gy
When SI is used, radiation exposure is defined in units of colombs/kilogram. With regard to this unit of measure, which of the following is true Coulomb refers to electrons released in ionization
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