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Intro 2 PT final

module 8 Law (+ Jeopardy Q's)

define Law principles or rules established by an authority, applied to a defined population
Define criminal law disputes with the government for an act/crime
define civil law. what is another name for civil law? private disputes w/ “individuals” “individuals and organizations” and “org/org”. Civil Lawaka Tort Law
define administrative law governs an organization and operation of exec branch of government and their interactions with the public, legislature, and the judiciary.
explain FL's administrative structure, relating to PT. Departments (Department of Health: governing agency.) Divisions (Division of Medical Quality Assurance). Boards (board of Physical Therapy)
How many positions are on the Board of PT? 7 (5 PTs and 2 public)
Name the requirements for the 5 PT members o Must be in good standing o Live in FL o Practice 4 yrs min prior to appt. o 1 may be full time faculty
name the requirements for the 2 public members o Mbrs of public,never been health care practitioner, must reside in FL
Name some laws the PTs are impacted by? State and Federal Law (Practice Acts, Administrative codes , General business laws, Medical laws, Labor laws, Criminal laws) Rules and regulations (Medicare payer regs, Tricare rules and regulated)
Name our practice act and admin code o CH 486- Practice Act & Admin Code 64B17
what does each part of FS Title 32 Ch 486 stand for? • FS (Florida Statues) Title (regulations of professions and occupation) 32 Ch (PT practice) 486
What does each part Admin Code 64B17 stand for? • Dept of Health o Division 64B17  Multiple chapters
who can PTs accept referrals from • Ch 458- medical practice (MDs) • Ch 459- Osteopathic Medicine (DO) • Ch 460- Chiropractic Medicine (DC) • Ch 461-Podiatric Medicine (DPM) • Ch 466- Dentistry (DDS and DMD)
Name some of the state laws that the FS Title 32 Ch 486 regulate in the practice of physical therapy? Legislative Intent, Definitions (our actual application of practice found here!) Examinations for licensure, Licensing: applications, issuance, renewal, revoking, reactivation, Con. Ed., disciplinary measures, Exemptions, Prohibitive acts(sex. misconduct)
who is a PT practioner? o PT or PTA
T/F: PT and Physiotherapy are the SAME thing True
define direct supervision (486.021) law talks about physical presence/supervision. ON SITE and immediately available for consultation or oversight for PTA (or temporary permit PTA/PT or awaiting results from licensure)
define general supervison according to Foundations book and notes: level of supervision in which the PT is not required to be on site when supervising a PTA. must be available for two way communications (i.e. phone)
which dr's require general supervision vs. onsite supervision? (name the Ch numbers or postion names) General (CH 4580 MD board cert, CH 459-DO board cert, CH 460-DC) b/c these Drs have moer qualifications/credentials. Onsite- Ch 458 MD (non board cert) CH 459 DO (non board cert) CH 461 (Podiatrist), CH 466 (Dentist)
Do you need a license to practice PT in FL? yes
what does PTA stand for? PTA is a Physical TherapIST assistant
name some con ed requirements Responsible for maintaining own records• Can be subjected to random audits! Courses must be approved by APTA, FPTA, sponsored by a college or university that is accredited that engages in teaching of PT or PTAs • Hardship exceptions can be made
patient relationship is based on ______ trust. mutual
If _______ exists- submission to an drug examination is required probable cause
why do we have an Admin Code (64B17) inaddtion to our practice act? it further defines CH 486, more detail. AND,provides organization and Guides board in how to do their job.
 A Physical Therapist Assistant may use what abbreviation after their name upon passing their board exam? PTA
 A PT must have graduated from a school that offers curriculum that has been accredited by this entity? CAPTE
 A PT can work under the order of the specialty of this practitioner of record who is bound by Florida statue chapter 460? Chiropractor
 Revocation of a PTs license can occur if a PT is unable to practice with these 2 behaviors due to the physical or mental condition? Reasonable skill and safety
 Also considered a course of action, only a PT can develop this for a patient? A plan of care
 This provider of con ed shall be allowed to receive up to 6 contact hrs credit per biennium? The course instructor
 The practice of PT does not allow for a PT to engage in _______ (type of medicine including specific spinal manipulation)? Chiropractic
 Sexual misconduct is prohibited in PT bc it violates the patient-therapist relationship based on this? Mutual trust
 General supervision means that a PT is available by what type of communication the the PTA? 2 way telecommunication
 Each licensee is responsible for maintaining their own con ed records and shall submit to this to assure compliance with con ed criteria for licensure? Random audit
 One contact hr is equivalent ___ mins? 50 mins
The board of PT practice will accept up to this many contact hrs of home study during a biennium for con ed credit? 12 hrs
 This entity can review the standing and reputability of any college or school offering courses in PT regardless of the standards established by the accrediting body? Board of PT Practice
 A PTA must complete a min of how many years of accredited schooling to qualify for eligibility to apply for licensure in FL? 2 years
 Licensure granted by the Board without having to take an exam in the state of Florida is called an? Endorsement
 When licensed by an endorsement, a PTA must pass this developed by the federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy? Florida Juris prudence examination or laws and rules examination
 If a license is not renewed at the end of the biennium, it shall automatically revert to what status? Delinquent
 If after 3 attempts you continue to fail this, you must complete satisfactorily an additional course of study or internship before you can attempt again? The Board examination
 Found in the FL statues, this is also called the state of FL physical therapy practice act? CH 486
 Appropriate delegation of duties with DIRECT supervision from a PTA to an unlicensed individual is based on these 3 items? Experience, education, and training
What has an initial fee of no more than $150? PT or PTA Licensing fee
 The number of PTs that are appointed to the board of PT practice by the Governor? 5
 A score of 600 out of 800? A passing score on the national board exam (NPTE)
 A PTA whose license has been revoked by reason of illness or use of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, or chemicals has the ability to demonstrate this in an effort to have their license reinstated? A competent practice with reasonable skill and safety
 You must have this to practice physical therapy? License
T/F Direct Access allows you to work with any patient in any setting? False.  In an acute care setting (acute care-ICU, hospital setting, medical complexity, LTC facility), you don’t automatically have direct access- in a hospital you cannot go into a patient’s room w/out a referral.
what do we call spinal manipulation? skilled passive motion
how many con ed hours do you need every 2 years? 24
What's the min and max for HIV ed, medical errors, and risk mngmt? HIV- min of 1 hr, no more than 3. Medical error-min of 2 hrs, no more than 3. Risk Managment, no more than 5 hrs.
How long should you save con ed reciepts for? 4 years
Created by: tpostrel
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