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Rehab Research

Chapter 28- Publishing and Presenting Research

What is the main vehicle for publication of research results? the journal article
What are the types of publications for research? journals, magazines, and newsletters
Who is typically involved in the peer review process? the journal editor, an editorial board chaired by the editor, and manuscripts reviewers
For an investigator to be listed as an author of a journal article, what substantial contributions should be made? conceptions and design, or analysis and interpretation of data; drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; final approval of the version to be published
What is a style manual? a document of technical information for authors
What is a platform presentation? made by a researcher to an audience of peers attending the conference; presentation time is usually short (10 - 20 minutes)
What are poster presentations? posters are generally displayed for several hours, and presenters are required to be with their posters for a certain portion of the display time.
What are the advantages of poster presentations over platform presentations? 1 conference attendees can view the posters when they have time and 2 the researcher has more opportunity to interact with interested colleagues
Created by: amwilliamson