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Rehab Research

Chapter 27- Implementing a Research Project

What are the elements of a research proposal? title, investigators, problem statement, purposes, methods, budget, work plan, appendices, ad approvals
What must be done to protect participants from harm? design sound studies in which dangers to participants are minimized, secure the informed consent, and implement the research with care and consideration for safety
What is the generic term for the review committees that ensure the safety of participants? institutional review board (IRB)
What are the three levels of review of the IRB? exempt, expedited, and full
What are exempt reviews? research that includes: normal educational practices, survey/interview that do not involve sensitive areas, observation of public behavior, and studying of data that are not protected health information
What are expedited reviews? studies that involve minimal risk to participants: collection of hair, nails, or external secretions, recording of noninvasive data, study of small amounts of blood, study of the effects of moderate exercise in healthy volunteers
What is a full review? research projects that involve more risks that other reviews and studies of lower-risk procedures in children or others who are unable to provide meaningful consent
What are the four sources from which funding generally comes? institutions, corporations, foundations, or the government
What are the three major types of data collection tools used by rehabilitation researchers? biophysiological instruments, interviews, and questionnaires
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