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Anti Tuberculous Dru


Isoniazid (INH) uses? TB
MOA of isoniazid (inh) inhibition of mycolic acid synthesis (cell wall synthesis)
What does the TB bacteria have to be low resistance? Person has deletion in INHA(Inhibin-A)gene encoding acyl carrier protein (Target).
What does the TB bacteria have to be high resistance? Deletion in katG gene encoding catalase enzyme needed for INH bioactiviation. Kat G prevents activation of INH, by not allowing catalase to cleave enzyme to be made.
INH side effects hepatitis, neuritis, hemolysis in G6PD deficiency, sle in slow acetylators
Why is Pyridoxine (Vit B6) is used with INH? Prevent numbness and tingling that occur with INH neuritis.
If someone has a liver condition would you give them INH? HELL NOOO BIOTCHHH. Why? it causes hepatitis.
Do you give INH to slow acetylators? NO!!!!!! they can have sle like symptoms.
MOA of Rifampin Inhibits DNA-dependant RNA polymerase
How does resistance to Rifampin occur? Mutation in polymerase enzyme of the bacteria.
Effects of Rifampin Red-orange discoloration of urine, sweat, and tears Proteinuria Flu-like symptoms Thrombocytopenia Induces p450 (meaning it increases metabolism)
Lady taking birth control walks in with TB. Would you give Rifampin? NOOOOOOOOOO it induces p450 which would increase the metabolism of the birth control making it less effective.
Ethambutol MOA Inhibits synthesis of Arabinoglactan (component of the cell wall)
Side effects of ethambutol loss of red green acuity, retrobulbar neuritis (optic neuritis)
Pyrazinamide side effects arthralgia due to hyuperuricemia hepatotoxicity increase porphyrin synthesis
patient with tb walks in. has abdominal pain, mimicing porphyria would you give them pyrazinamide for tb? NOOO it increases porphyrin synthesis
would you give ethambutol to a person with tb that has ms? NOOOOOOO because they already may of retrobulbar neuritis which will get worse with ethambutol as its a side effect of the medication.
Which drugs come under Aminoglycosides? streptomycin, amikacin, and kanamycin
MOA of aminoglycosides inhibits protein synthesis
side effects of streptomycin hearing loss, ataxia, nephrotoxicity
side effects of amikacin nystagmus
side effects of kanamycin electrolyte abnormalities
Which drugs cause neuritis? INH and Ethambutol
Which drug causes proteinuria? Rifampin
Which drug causes thrombocytopenia and induces p450? Rifampin
Arthralgia due to hyperuricemia can be caused by which drug? Pyrazinamide
Which drug is bad for the kidneys? Streptomycin
Side effects of Capreomycin? Hearing loss, ataxia
Which other drug has the side effects of hearing loss and ataxia that can be used in combination with capreomycin for resistant tb? Streptomycin
What drugs do you use for disseminated mycobacterium avium complex (dmac)? Azithromycin, rifabutin, ethambutol
side effects of rifabutin rashes, gi effects, neutropenia, induces p450, no hepatotoxicity.
person comes in saying they have stomach pain and they have a rash. say they were on med for tb...what med were they probably taking? rifabutin
what are the similar side effects between rifampin and rifabutin? both induce cytochrom p450
differences between rifampin and rifabutin? rifampin has the red-orange tears etc., proteinuria, flu-like symptoms, thrombocytopenia. rifabutin induces rashes, gi effects, neutropenia, but no hepatotoxicity like rifampin.
Created by: Samiaa76