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Heatlth- Glencoe

WCHS Health Glencoe Chapter 27

unintentional injury an injury resulting from an unexpected event, or accident
accident chain sequence of events that leads to an unintentional injury
smoke alarm an alarm that is triggered by the presence of smoke
fire extinguisher portable device that puts out small fires by ejecting fire-extinguishing chemicals
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration; the agency in the federal government that is responsible for promoting safe and healthful conditions
Heat exhaustion an overheating of the body that results in cold, clammy skin and symptoms of shock
hypothermia a condition in which body temperature becomes dangerously low
vehicular safety obeying the rules of the raod, as well as using or exercising common sense and good judgement
graduated driver's license a licensing program that gradually increases a new drivers driving privileges over time as experience and skill are gained
road rage a practice of endangering drives by using a vehicle as a weapon
defensive driver a driver who is awareof potential hazards ansd reacts to avoid them
severe weather harsh or dangerous weather conditions; tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards;
Watch-weather means that the weather conditions are right for a specific weather event to occur
Warning-weather means that severe weather has been sighted and is heading toward your area
emergency survival kit a group of items that can be used for a shoart time until an emerency situtation has stablized
Hurricane a powerful storm that orignates at sea, characterized by winds of at least 74 miles per hour, heavy rains, flooding and sometimes tornadoes
flash flood a flood with great volume and of short duration that is usually caused by heavy rainfall
tornado a whirling, funnel-shaped widnstorm that drops form the sky to the ground and produces a narrow pathy of destruction on land
Thunderstorm includes heavy rains, stron winds, lightning and sometimes hail
blizzard a snowstorm with winds of at least 35 miles per hour
earthquake a violent shaking movement of the earth's surface
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