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Social Skills Group

SPED 730 Autism Spectrum Disorder

Social Skills Groups small-group instruction practices with a shared goal or outcome of learned social skills in which participants can learn, practice, and receive feedback
How many people with disabilities does a social skills group involve 2 to 8
Why are social skills groups an important tool to use? the group is used to teach students to get a long with and interact with peers
Can adults benefit from social skills groups? yes even children as young as 4 years old
What did the evidence base, social skills group training targeted? Perspective taking Conversation skills Friendship skills Problem solving Social competence Emotion recognition Theory of mind
What are the interaction skills that also improve? Initiation Responding Maintaining Greeting Giving/accepting compliments Turn taking Sharing Asking for help Offering help
Why is assessing important before starting a social skills group? to determine what social skills need to be targeted
What is step 1 Identifying social skills targeted for instruction
How should the goals be written? observable and measurable
Step 2. Organizing Training Groups The adult instructor should have experience with the types of students he or she will have and should have no more than 4 learners per adult
Why is it important to keep data during the social skills groups to make sure each of the target behaviors and skills are being developed and focused on
How long does a social skills group normally last? 10 to 90 minutes
What do you need to make sure you cover in the social skill group? warm-up, instructional time, practice time, feedback and snack or free time to reward the kids.
Instruction/ Warm-up Introduce each other for the fist couple of meetings then discuss experiences
Topic focus introduce new topic and also discuss previous topics
Modeling may be done by group leaders, members of the group or a video
Practice students will practice the new skill often through role-playing
Coaching/ prompting practicing with strangers while receiving coaching from the leader or helpers
feedback/ problem solving the leaders or helpers will give the student feedback of the skill being learned
Free/Snack time ending the activity with a reward to keep the group positive
Why is it important to break some skills into subtopics? some skills can take several sessions to learn if broken down it is easier to understand and accomplish
What happens during step 7 specifying embedded instructional strategies or materials? the leaders use videos or materials to teach the student the skill then the students go and use the skill after learning from the video
What is one way to train the helpers prior to the group instruction? allowing them to spend time with the kids outside of the instruction time
How many sessions should the skills last? 12 sessions in a semester
Created by: balielc
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