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radiology QC

LImits and tools

Focal spot size limits and tools? .5mm=less than .8mm 50% .5-2mm=.8mm -1.5mm 40% 2-3mm= greater than 1.5mm 30% tools pinhole camera star test pattern
spatial Resolution greater than 8lp/mm tools bar phantom
collimation +_2% of SID
Centering indicator accuracy (collimator) 1% of light field
KVp accuracy +-4 kvp tools electronic kvp meter, penatrometer
Filtration /HVL less than 50 kvp =.5mm al/eq 50-70 kvp = 1.5 mm al/eq above 70 kvp 2.5 mm al eq tools aluminum sheets
Exposure time less than 10ms= 20% greater than 10ms= 5% tools exposure meter spinning top
exposure reproducibility 5% exposure meter
Exposure linearity 10% exposure meter
Intesifying screens cleaned every 2 months wire mesh results wiremesh tool
viewbox 10% Photometer
SiD indicator 10% Tape measure
centering indicator (detent) 2% visual inspection
Angle accuracy 1% Protractor
Cassette cleaning every 2 months with anti static solution
Exposure reproducibility AEC .1 OD phantom and densitometer
ion chamber sensitivity 10% of each other
density variation control Manufactures specs Exposure meter
Response capability 10% Lucid phantom with layers
Backup timer verification terminate after 5 sections timer and alarm
Uniformity and completeness of motion uneven and non complete using lead mask with pinhole
section depth indicator and accuracy fulcrum should be sharp on commercial test tool with numner levels
section thickness section thickness is accurate using a angled wire mesh
resolution (tomograpchic) resolution of fulcrum should be sharp using resolution test pattern
processor sensitometry and densitometry within department limits using a sensitometer and densitometer done daily
Tempurature 2% using a digital thermometer done daily
crossover racks Clean daily
repenishment rates checked weekly according to manu. specs using meter of gauge
tanks and transport roller cleaning done depending on the number of film run through visual inspection
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