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CPJE Preperation

List 3 drugs that may exacerbate Asthma ***BAN Beta Blockers Aspirin NSAID's
How do you get a patient's Peak Expiratory Flow? Patient has to stand up straight, hold peak flow meter horizontally, and blow into the meter. Repeat 2x and RECORD THE HIGHEST OF THREE READINGS.
What should be done if an Asthma Px is at Red Zone? Take up to 3 treatments of 4-6 puffs of beta2-agonist every 20 min. Take oral steroids (40-60mg, 3-10days) Go to ER or call 911
What should be done if an Asthma Px is at Yellow Zone? 2-4 puffs of Beta2-agonist Q20 min x 3 doses. After 1 hr: If at green: beta agonist & inhaled steroid for 7-10 days If at yellow: beta agonist & oral steroid
What are the other names for Beclomethasone? QVAR Vancenase/Beconase (nasal) Vancenase AQ/Beconase AQ (double strength nasal)
What's the age range for QVAR? 5-11 yo: 40mcg, 1-2 puffs BID Adults: 80mcg, 1-2 puffs BID
What are the different brands names for Budesonide? Pulmicort (Turbuhaler & Flexhaler) - DPI Rhinocort (allergic rhinitis) Entocort EC (caps for Crohn's)
What is the difference between Pulmicort Turbuhaler and Flexhaler? Flexhaler has a dose counter
What is Entocort EC? Budesonide capsules used for Crohn's.
List the lactose-containing inhalers (4) Flexhaler (Pulmicort) Asmanex Foradil Advair Diskus
What are the other names for Flunisolide? AeroBid AeroBid-M (with menthol) Aerospan - comes with a spacer
What is the strength and how is Medrol Dose Pack given? Methylprednisolone = 4mg Dose: taper over 6 days (21 tabs total)
What are the medications used to prevent premature delivery? Terbutaline Alternatives: MgSO4, Indomethacin, Makena (NEW!!!!)
What are the different brands for Mometasone? Asmanex: for >12 yo Nasonex: nasal Elocon: topical
What are the brands for Fluticasone? Flonase Veramyst - has fluticasone furoate instead of fluticasone propionate Flovent (MDI & DPI)
What is Alvesco? Dosing? Ciclesonide, for >12 yo BID
What is Omnaris? Ciclesonide for allergic rhinitis
What is Intal? Dosing? Cromolyn, for >2 yo, 2 puffs QID
What is Tilade? Dosing? Neodocromil, for >6 yo, 2 puffs QID
What the Long Acting Beta2-Agonists (LABA)? Salmeterol (Servent) Formoterol (Foradil)
What is Servent? How long is it good for after opening? Salmeterol; good for 6 weeks after opening foil
Dosing for Servent? For >4 yo, 2 puffs BID or 30-60 min prior to exercise
Advair is good for how long after opening the foil? 1 month; for >4 yo
Foradil dosing? BID or 1 puffs 10 min prior to exercise. For >5 yo
What is Symbicort? Good for how long? Age range? Formoterol with Budesonide; good for 90 days after opening; for >12 yo
Brand names for Theophylline? Elixophyllin Theo-24 Uniphyl
Aminophylline quivalence of oral to IV theophylline? IV aminophylline = 85% of theo PO aminophylline = 80% of theo
What is the max dose for Theophylline? 900mg/day
What is the target serum concentration of Theophylline? 5 - 15 mcg/mL
SE of theophylline? >15mcg/mL - toxicity >30mcg/mL - SVT >50mcg/mL – seizure
What are the Anti-Leukotrienes used for Asthma? Montelukast (Singulair) - QHS Zafirlukast (Accolate) - BID, empty stomach Zileuton (Zyflo) – BID
What is the dosing for Singulair? 10 mg QHS > 15 yo 5 mg QHS : 6-14 yo 4 mg QHS : 2-5 yo
Can you use Singulair to prevent exercise induced bronchospasm? Yes; must be taken 2 hours prior to activity
What do you need to check with Zyflo? LFT's
Zyflo can increase concentration of what medications? Theophylline and Warfarin
What is Omalizumab? Dose? Xolair (Omalizumab) is for >12 yo, 150-375mg SQ Q2-4 weeks
What is the blackbox warning for Xolair? Anaphylaxis
Xopenex is good for how long after opening? Open the foil, 2 weeks. Open the vial, 1 week.
What is Atrovent? Dose? Ipratropium; 2-3 puffs QID
Atrovent is contraindicated in what allergy? Soy and peanut allergy
What are the 2 brands for Ipratropium-Albuterol combination? Combivent - inhaler Douneb – nebulizer
What is Tiotropium? Advantage over Atrovent? Spiriva; once a day dosing compared to Atrovent which is QID
What is Brovana? Aformoterol; an LABA nebulizer sol'n.
What is Performist? Storage?Formoterol, an LABA nebulizer sol'n.; Fridge
What are the Dry Powder Inhalers? Flexhaler (Pulmicort/Budesonide) Advair Spiriva Foradil Flovent diskus Asmanex Serevent diskus
Patient has hyperglycemia if fasting glucose is what? Post-prandial glucose of what?FG >126 mg/dL Post Prandial Glucose >200
A pregnant patient has hyperglycemia if FG is what? FG >105
What are the two Diabetes meds for pregnant women? Glyburide (Micronase, Diabeta) Metformin (Glucophage)
What are the 3 short acting insulins? Lispro - Humalog Aspart – Novolog Glulisine – Apidra
What is Detemir? How long outside the fridge? Levemir Good for 42 days outside the fridge.
What is Glargine? How long out of the fridge? Lantus; good for 28 days out of the fridge.
What routes of injection can you give regular insulin? IM, IV, SC
What routes of injection can you give Apidra? IV and SQ
What is the insulin dosing for Type I & II Diabetes? Type I: 0.5 - 0.8U/kg Type II: 0.7 - 1.5U/kg
What is Symlin? Dosing? #1 SE?Pramlinitide (Symlin) Type I: 15U TID AC Type II: 60U TID AC SE: Nausea
Don't give Symlin to patients with? A1C > 9% Hypersensitivity to metacresol GI motility meds Alpha glucosidase inhibitors
What are some of the symptoms for Diabetic Ketoacidosis? ***FAN Fruity breat Abdominal pain N/V
What is the DoC for renal patients with DM? Dose?Glipizide, 30 min AC Max: 20mg BID
What are the other names for Glyburide? Max? Diabeta & Micronase, max: 10mg BID Glynase (micronized), max: 12mg
What is Amaryl? Max? Glimepiride Max: 8mg
What are the other names for Metformin? Max dose? Glucophage, 2550mg Glucophage ER & Glumetza, 2000mg Fortamet ER, 2500mg
what is Glucovance? Glyburide-Metformin
What is Avandamet? Rosiglitazone-Metformin
What is Prandimet? Repaglinide-Metformin
Caution/contraindication for the use of Metformin Males: SCr>1.5 Females: SCr>1.4 Liver disease, COPD, CHF
MoA of Thiazolidinediones? SE? MoA: insulin sensitizers (Pioglitazone, Rosiglitazone) SE: ***DALE Decrease bone density Avoid in CHF patients Liver disease Edema
Patient has LFT's of >2.5x normal. Is it okay to give a thiazolidinedione? DO NOT start medication if LFT's are >2.5x normal
What is Glyset? Miglitol, alpha-glucosidase inh
What is Precose? Dose?
What is Repaglinide? Dose? Prandin (Repaglinide) Max: 16mg, 15 min AC
What is Starlix? Dose? Nateglinide (Starlix) Max: 60-120mg, 30 minutes AC
What is Sitagliptin? Dosing? Januvia (Sitagliptin) -CrCl>50mL/min: 100mg QD -CrCl 30-49mL/min: 50mg QD -CrCl <30mL/min: 25mg QD
What is Saxagliptin? Dose? Onglyza (Saxagliptin) Max: 2.5mg for renal pts or if taken with inhibitors.
SE for Gliptins? Pancreatitis Abdominal pain, N/V HA (headache) Upper respiratory tract infection
What is Byetta? Dose? Exenatide (Byetta) Dose: 5-10mcg SC BID 60 min before meals (6 hours apart)
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