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image quality

Responsibility of the CT technologist 1. A thorough understanding of the parameters of CT image quality. 2.Able to identifiy causes of Ct image degradation. 3. solve technical solutions in response to image quality issues
The __data collected from the patient is subject to preprocessing before it oes to the host computer Raw data
The mathemathical technique for estimation an unknown value interpolation
The first operation to which raw data is subjected is referred to convolution
Which of the following refers to a defined set of instruction for solvig a problem algorithm
the basic problem of the back-projection algorithm is classical star pattern in the image, blurred, not dx,
where is convolution performed array processor
The most common image processing technique used in CT is Windowing
Windowing refers to gray scale manipulation using CT numbers
The range of CT numbers is defined as the window width
The center of a range of CT numbers is Window level
As the WW increases, picture contrast decrease
The process of applying filtration to the data is called convolution
Which algorithm is aka summation back-projection
An advantage to MPR is it enables visualization of specific structures in relation to surrounding structures True
Convolution kernels can be applied only to raw data true
new generation of multislice computed tomography scanners requires modified image reconstruction algorithms true, because those with 16 and greater detector requires modified image reonstruction algorithms
class of analythical algorithms for CT filtered back projection, Fourier reconstruction
What algorithms is commonly used in CT scanners filter back projection,
Image data are obtained after back projection,
describes the beam that diverges from the x-ray tube to the outer edges of the detectors cone beam, beam thatdivergence from the x-ray tube to the outer edges of the detectors.
Filtered back projection is also referred to as the ________ convolution method
Filtered back projection is also referred to as the convolution method
Which of the following allows the technologist to alter image contrast, window controls
What generates sagittal, coronal, and paraxial images from transaxial slices multiplanar reconstruction
As the window width gets lower (50) the image get darker because more of the ct numbes are displayed false
Through the manipulation of computed tomography numbers of the various tissues, the icture can changed to school true
A large window width mean a long gray scale true
What determines the maximum number of shades of gray to be displayed on the tv monitor? window width
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