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Capitolo 7 cb


abbracciarsi to embrace, hug (each other)
addormentarsi to fall asleep
aiutarsi to help (each other)
alzarsi to stand up, get up
annoiarsi to get bored
arrabbiarsi to get angry
baciarsi to kiss
chiamarsi to call oneself, be named
diplomarsi to graduate from highschool
divertirsi to enjoy oneself, have a good time
fare bella figura to look good, make a good impression
fermarsi to stop
incontrarsi to run into (each other)
lamentarsi (di) to complain about
lasciarsi to leave each other, breakup
laurearsi to graduate from college
lavarsi to wash
mettersi to put on (clothes)
portare to wear
provare (a + inf.) to try (to do something)
rilassarsi to relax
sbagliarsi to make a mistake
sentirsi (bene / male / stanco/ contento) to feel (good, bad, tired, happy)
smettere (di) pp smesso to stop (doing something)
sposarsi to get married
svegliarsi to wake up
vestarsi to get dressed; to dress
pettinarsi to brush or comb one's hair
stancarsi to get tired
stirare to iron
truccarsi to put on makeup
lavarsi la faccia to wah one's face
larvarsi i capelli to wash one's hair
lavarsi I denti to brush one's teeth
fare il bagno to take a bath
fare il bucato to do laundry
bagnarsi to get oneself wet
asciugarsi to dry oneself
allacciarsi to buckle (clothing, seatbelt)
abbottonare, abbottonarsi to button up
femare to stop someone or something
mi alzo I get up
ti alzi you get up
si alza he/she gets up
ci alziamo we get up
vi alzate you get up (pl)
si alzano they get up
l'abbigliamento clothing
l'abito dress; suit
il berretto baseball cap
il bucato laundry
i calzini socks
la camicia shirt
la camicia da notté nightshirt
il cappotto coat
il capriccio prank
la cintura belt
la cravatta tie
il dovere duty
la fatica effort, trouble
la felpa sweatshirt, sweatshit
la giacca jacket
il giubbotto jacket
i guanti gloves
l'impermeabile (m.) raincoat
l'infanzia childhood
la maglia sweater
la magietta t-shirt
il miliardo billion
il milione million
il piacere pleasure
il prezzo price
il rapporto relationship
le scarpe shoes
la t-shirt t-shirt
le tasse taxes
il vestito dress; suit
i vestiti clothes
giornaliero everyday, daily
quotidiano daily
anche se even though
ancora still
così so
da quanto tempo? (for) how long?
di tutti i giorno everyday
non….più not anymore, no longer
ora now
poco few, little
tanto so much; so many; a lot
troppo too many, too much
velocemente fast
Created by: catber
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