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246 TBI


True or false a TBI is caused by a congenital or degenerative nature? False
MVA's account for ___ % of all TBI's. A. 35 B. 15 C. 50 D. 25 50
sports related TBI's account for ___% A.25 B.35 C.10 D.15 10
which of the following will effect outcomes of a TBI pt. A.patient's age B.interpersonal relationships C.level of education D.pre-injury E.all of the above E
true or false falls are the #1 reason for TBI's in the elderly true
true or false a concussion occurs with an open brain injury? false
an open TBI will be more dispersive over the brain area, true/false? false
which of the following it typically susceptible with an Axonal injury? A.frontal B.brain stem C.parietal lobe D.temporal lobe brain stem
which of the following is more susceptible with a contusion injury? A.frontal lobe B.brain stem C.cerebellum D.corpus collosum frontal lobe
the loss of memory before the accident is termed? A.LOC amnesia C.amnesia D.retrograde amnesia retrograde amnesia
which of the following are symptoms of a consussion? A.risk of infection B.focal injury C.blurred vision D.headache blurred vision headache
what type of injury could cause complete seperation of the brainstem and may result in a coma? axonal injury
what type of hematoma usually involves younger people, with high impact? epidural
what is the normal ICP in mmHg? 5-10
which of the following activities would be good for a level I TBI? A.practicing deep-breathing/coughing B.chest PT C.neck flexion GM D.peppermint olfactory stimulation D
disoriented, fearful, misperceived sensory stimulation describes the term? delirium
what is the term that describes hermorrhage withing the brain intracerebral
which of the following is considered a moderate coma using the Glascow coma scale? A.3 B.8 C.10 D.5 10
what is the term that describes a person that has been in a coma for over 1 year? persistent vegetative state
which of the following would be best interventions for a high level TBI? A.prevent deconditioning B.increase gross motor skills C.self dressing, then making cereal D.increase cognitive endurance self dressing then making cereal
which of the following is gustatory treatment? A.cotton swab on bottom of feet B.peppermint under nose C.swab stick with peppermint on tounge D.listening to a cow "MOO" on a tape recorder C
difficulty with remember tasks after injury describes what type of amnesia? post-traumatic
which of the following drug would help decrease ICP A.Ritalin B.Tegretol C.Mannitol D.Dilantin Mannitol
using the modified Ashworth scale which of the following describes a pt with slight increase, catch with min. resistance thru < 1/2 ROM 1+
using the modified Ashworth scale which of the following describes a pt with the affected part in rigid flexion/extention? 4
Created by: heatxfer
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