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Assignment due June 22nd on LD

What are the steps required to read a word? Translate a word into its phonological counterpart 2. Remember the correct sequence of sounds. 3. Blend the sounds together. 4. Search his or her memory for a real word that matches the string of sounds
What do very poor older readers need strengthened in order to read? Phonological skills must be strengthened because without the ability to identify speech sounds one has problems with spelling, word recognition, and vocabulary development.
What needs to be done with students who can't solve basic addition problems? The student may be able to learn more facts with drill; but they won't know what they mean. They need activities to increase their number sense and mathematical reasoning abilities.
What are ways to increase memory ability for all students? Sorts, humor, frequent review of small chunks, use all forms of learning (kinestetic, visual, etc), color code, visual aids, rehearse aloud, and games.
What helps students with LD issues in spelling? * Teach phonemic awareness. * Teach irregular spellings and spelling rules * Writing or building words with tiles are better than oral reciting * There is nothing wrong with older students using spell check
How do you teach time management skills? Students require activities that have high structure, are explicitly taught and longer than most students until the practiced strategies become independent skills.
Are note taking techniques different for ESL students and students with LD issues? No, not really. Both benefit from either strategic and emphasis guided note taking forms. Both benefit from teachers who give cues before imparting important information. Both benefit from time given to review notes just taken
Where do reading problems usually originate? At reading an individual word.
How many kids are poor readers? 10 million or about 17 percent of the population
What are some of the causes of poor reading? * Family (children of poor readers aren't going to be read to at a young age) *Neurological * Social disadvantage * Instructional
What three skills are needed before students can learn to read? * words can be either spoken or written * Spoken words correspond to written words * words are made up sounds (phonemes)
Is phonics based or whole word best for teaching reading? Reading needs to include phonological awareness, phonics, Orthographic Awareness, and comprehension strategies
What are effective was of teaching increased speed? *sound-symbol association *word reading *text reading at an easy level * quick speed drills * group oral readings * rereading familiar texts
What do you need to teach when teaching comprehension? *sentence structure * text cohesion * punctuation * phrases * grammar (but probably no diagramming sentences)
Instead of giving students a blank piece of paper and say "write me an essay?" what should a good teacher do? * brainstorm * sort ideas * outline and topic sentence * talks through shared composition and modeling decisions * teacher models editing * student gets to try *
What do older struggling readers need? The same foundations younger readers need. Can't start reading instruction without foundations
Can drilling be useful for learning facts? One study showed that by using a computer drill program that after fifty ten minute sessions students moved up from 27.5 to 45 correct responses.
What is the best way for students to learn number sense? Early intervention is important. Parents as teacher programs to teach parents how to do number games.
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