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One of the unavoidable realities of police work is how often the officer decides NOT to take action. This is refered to as? Discretionary Decision Making
Justice prevails when people under similar circumstances are treated in an equal and fair manner before the law is also known as? Justice as process
Justice prevails when people received from the law what they deserve to receive is also know as? Justice as substance
According to the BOOK, what is the average number of hours of ethic training in an entire police academy experience? 3 and 1/2 hours
The central theme of modern policing is the drive to make police work into a ______ Profession
When a police officer becomes involved in breaking procedual law in order to enforce substantive law is known as _________ noble cause corruption
According to the book, _________ and ___________ are directly linked and inseparable. They are both largely determined by the individual police officer's character. ethics and competence
What era of Police Professionalism was tied to machine pollitics, corruption was rampant, and nonexistant police training? Political era
What era of police Pofessionalism brought Community Oriented Policing, collgial problem solving, and utilization of lower level expertise? Professional era
What era of Police Professionalism was paramilitaristic policing developed, reform was seen, police academies established, and Internal Affairs developed? Reform Era
When was the first modern police agency established? By who? and Where? 1829, Sir Robert Peel, England (Metropolitan Police of London)
According to Muir, what two types of behavior a Professional Police Officer must possess? (hint, IPTP) Integrated Passion, Tragic Perspective
To use coercive power and the understanding that resorting to violence or threats can be morally acceptible is called? Integrated Passion
The development of the inner understanding of the MOTIVES of people, a sense of life's causes and effects, and knowledge that all people suffer sometimes is called? Tragic Perspective
The Administrative Paradox that the duties that police are supposed to accomplish and the rolls they are suppossed to play are _______, ____________, and _________. multiple, conflicting, and vague
The three basic functions and roles for the police are? (hint: E.M.S) Enforce the laws, Maintain order, Service the community
What is Coercive Power? involves obtaining desired behavior from another by thretening to harm something of value (a hostage)
What is the paradox of detachment? (When dealing with coercive power) the pereon HAS hostages but has detached themselves from caring about them. The LESS one values a hostage, the LESS effective the coercer's threat.
When it is said that the nastier one's reputation, the less nasty one has to be, This is refering to the paradox of ______? paradox of "face"
When someone has NOTHING of value to threaten and it is said the less one has, the less one has to lose, this is known as the paradox of ________? paradox of "disposition"
What is the paradox of irrationality? It has two parts. (When dealing with coercive power) FIRST: the CRAZIER the VICTIM of coercion, the LESS effective the threat SECOND: the CRAZIER the COERCER, the MORE effective the threat
What are the four unrealistic POLICE imagery generated by the MEDIA, according to the book? RCMP syndrome, Dirty Harry problem, Cosmetized violence, and Miranda Inaccuracies
What is meant by RCMP? Royal Canadian Mounted Police, "Mounties always get their man". Unrealistic view that people expect the police to solve EVERY crime
What is meant by Cosmetized Violence? making violence appear sexy and cool while also transforming Police into "Superman"-like heroes
What is meant by Miranda Inaccuracies? The movie viewes see arrested people ALWAYS being Mirandized at the momment of arrest. So citizens think there is police misconduct when they witness arrests without this warning
According to Emile Durkheim, what term was coined when the feeling of "normalnessness" occured? ANOMIE
What is the single most important reason for the creation of a police subculture? Officer Anomie
When someone thinks "RATIONAL" and believes REASON is our natural and governing disposition, they are said to be ________ Ethical FORMALISM
When someone thinks about the greatest good for the greatest number, and being ethical is the something people ought to do because it involves behaving in the best interest of MAJORITY of society's members, are said to be ________ UTILITARIANISM
What is meant by Future Shock, according to Alvin Toffler? that change had become so rapid in contemporary society, that the human experience was morphing into something unprecedented. These developments had created a new sort of "MASS ANOMIE" in AMERICA
What are the 3 types of power the police can use? Exhortation, Reciprocity, and Coercion
When you convince people by exchanging something of value to obtain the desired behavior from them, you are using __________. RECIPROCITY
When you use logic and reasoning to convince people to do the right thing, you are using _________ EXHORTATION
When you convince people to a desired behavior by using threats to harm something of value, you are using _________ COERCION
According to the book, what is the order for the POWER OF PRIORITIZATION for the three types of power the police use? First: EXHORTATION, Second: RECIPROCITY, and then (only then): COERCION
Acording to Aristotle's ________ ________, people should act with moderation, behaving in ways that seek a norm between defects and excesses in personal conduct GOLDEN MEAN
According to the book, what is the KEY ingredient in good character? INTEGRITY
Which type of justice involves "the rules of the game" that must be observed by the criminal justice practitioners when applying substantive law PROCEDURAL JUSTICE
What type of justice involves "rules of conduct" which people must observe when dealing with each other SUBSTANTIVE JUSTICE
When an officer does as little work as possible on the job, in order to stay out of trouble and just collect a paycheck, they are said to be _____________ SOLDIERING
What is the natural trait people possess that relates to the ability to interact with other people with insight, compassion, and effectiveness? EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ)
What does the accronym S.P.A.C.E. stand for? Situational awarness Presence Authenticity Clarity Empathy
According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, when people give up their freedom to a government in odrer to receive protection, this is said to be a ________ _________ SOCIAL CONTRACT
The absolute principal of the maxims and the dignity of all persons that tests the moral validity of any action is called? THE CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE
What are the two kinds of Utilitarianism? RULE AND ACT Utilitarianism
Which type of utilitarianism focuses on the happiness of the individual? ACT UTILITARIANISM
What is Rule Utilitarianism? focuses on the good of the etire community / society
According to the book, what is the FIRST principle for maximizing the good in a Just Way? BENEFICENCE
What is Beneficence the obligation to do good and to prevent harm
The second Principle to maximize the Good in a Just way is? DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE
What is distributive justice? We ought to make the same relative contribution to the goodness of others based on MERIT, EQUALITY, SOCIALISM, AND VIRTUE
According to the book, when Beneficence and Justice conflict with each other, you should favor ________ over ________. BENEFICENCE "OVER" JUSTICE
When a law is said to be overly broad, and not narrowly focused enough and thus give the police too much power, the law is said to be _____________ OVERBREADTH
The idea that an individual citizen is only amenable to society for that conduct which directly HARMS the interests of persons of others is? THE HARM PRINCIPLE
According to Joycelyn Pollock, what are the analytical steps to clarifying ethical dilemas? (hint RIIDR) Review all the facts: Identify all the potential values: Identify the moral issues: Decide what is the most immediate moral issue: Resolve the ethical dilemma
The three standards of conduct are that police are _________, __________, and __________ actors. (hint: LAP) Legal Administrative Political
When police misconduct involves PERSONAL GAIN and the MISUSE OF POLICE POWER, this is said to be ________________ CORRUPTION OF AUTHORITY
When police misconduct DOES have personal gain but IS NOT involved i the official authority of the police, it is called ________ POLICE CRIME
If a police officer accepts free coffee or a discount at a store, they are said to be _______ ______ GRASS EATING
When a police officer has a serious form of police misconduct that involves the ongoing payoffs or grafts, they are said to be ________ ________ MEAT EATING
What is the idea that misconduct can begin small and then incrementally expand and change into major corruption? SLIPPERY SLOPE
When police misconduct involves NO personel gain but DOES involve mususing their position of authority, this is called? NOBLE CAUSE CORRUPTION
When police misconduct involves incompetence, laziness, or lack of training, it is called? INEPTITUDE
When police misconduct involves off duty police deviance, that may or may not become the subject of the department Internal Affairs Investigation, is called? PERSONAL MISCONDUCT
When a person says that they did a crime because they wighed the potential reward against the potential sanctions, and calculated the chance of being caught, they are what type of Generic Deviance theory? RATIONAL CHOICE THEORY
When a person misbehaves because of the tension between his goals and methods of obtaining these goals, and the person rejects society's method for obtaining the goal, they are what type of Generic Deviance theory? STRAIN THEORY
The gap between the rich and the poor that caused crime if the gap is great is called ___________ STRATIFICATION
If a person believes social norms and intstitutions are controlled by the economic elites that pass thier desires to the masses, they believe in what theory? CONFLICT THEORY
If a person rationalized their deviant behavior by saying "They made me do it", they are rationalizing by using _______ of ________ DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY
If a person rationalized their deviant behavior by saying "No one got hurt", they are rationalizing by using _______ of ________ DENIAL OF VICTIM
If a person rationalized their deviant behavior by saying "They deserved it", they are rationalizing by using _______ of________ DENIAL OF VICTIM
If a person rationalized their deviant behavior by saying "they dont know anything", they are rationalizing by using _______ the ________ CONDEMNING THE CONDEMNERS
If a person rationalized their deviant behavior by saying "Protect their own", they are rationalizing by using _______ to a ________ ________ APPEAL TO A HIGHER AUTHORITY
The most important leader in the life of the individual police officer is the __________ immediate supervisor / sergeant
The most important teaching job required of sergeants is ______________________ encourage the development of the personal ethic
The chief of police teaches _______ and ________ at the same time when they are sending out messages to the entire department. DEMOCRACY AND LEGALITY
The four criteria of Evaluation for any police review system is? INTEGRITY, LEGITIMACY, LEARNING, AND COST
According to the book, the best type of police review system is the ________ _________ HYBRID SYSTEM
One critizism for the LAW ENFORCEMENT CODE OF ETHICS is that it is driven by ________ PLATITUDES
The tone of the LAW ENFORCEMENT CODE OF ETHICS is ________ and _________ UTOPIAN AND IDEALISTIC
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