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image quality

image quality defined is the comparison of the image to the actual object. quality is a subjective notion and is dependent on the purpose of the image Image quality
Responsibility of the CT technologist understanding the parameters of CT image quality and prompt id of the causes of CT image degradation and ability to implement appropriate technical solutions
Factors that affect quality of image ma, scan time , fov, reconstruction agorithm, kvp, pitch.
ma and scan time the quantity of x-ray produce is a product of mA, together define the quantity of the x-ray energy
Automatic Tube Current Modulation software that automatically adjusts the mAs to fit the specific anatomic region
Higher mA setting allows shorter scan times to be used
shorter scan time is critica in avoiding image degradation as a result of patient motion
total mas can be maintain with shortest scan times
kVP the qulity or average energy of the xray beam
The thicker and denser the part being examined more mas required to produce a dx image
KVp does not change in CT
short scan times is critical in avoiding image degradation why patient motion
Thicker and denser the part being examined more mAs required to produce a dx image
kVp quality or average energy of the x-ray beam, in CT kvp does not change contrast
ct has more------------ than conventional radiography more choices for ma setting tha
Increase MAS Spatial resolution unchange
Increase MAS Noise Decrease
Increase MAS Dose Increase
Less Noise allows______ _____ to be distinguished and makes low contrast structures easier to see finer detail
Increase kVp contrast may be increased or decrease
Increase kvp spatial resolution unchanaged
Increase kvp Noise Decrease
Photons are mad more penetrating for ____ in order to maximize the contrast b/t tissues large patient
Slice thickness increase contrast resolution unchanged
Slice thickness increase Noise Decrease
Slice thickness increase Spatial resolution Decrease
Improves visualization of large structures due to______, but promotes partial volume artifact less noise
Slice thickness increase Dose may decrease
Increasing table increment contrast resolution unchanged
Increasing table increment Spatial resolution may decrease
Increasing table increment Noice unchanged
Increasing table increment Dose Decrease
Increasing Pitch Contrast Resolution and Spatial Resolution unchanged / may decrease
Fov increasing Contrast Resolution and Spatial Resolution unchanged / decrease
Increasing Pitch Noise and Dose unchanged, Decrease
FOV increasing Noise and Dose Decrease, unchanged
Matrix increase, contrast resolution and spatial resolution unchanged / increase
Matrix increase Noise and Dose will increase / unchanged
Uses ___pixels so____structures can be resolved smaller, smaller
Reconstruction filter increase for shapness contrast and spatial resolution decrease and increase
Rexonstruction filter increase for sharpness Noise and Dose will Increase /unchanged
Created by: Fresh26