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What are the 6 functions of the family? 1. Provide basic needs 2. socializing towards adulthood 3. Social control (discipline) 4. Love and nurturing 5. Addition of new members 6. commerce (creation of wealth)
Homosexuality was considered a mental health issue in the US until this year. 1974
explain David Buss's theory of mate selection. You select the person who you can raise the most successful children with (physical attributes, wide hips, intelligent, hard working, healthy)
Explain the anthropological view of mate selection (natural selection. Male- providers Females- child rearing
What are the main factors in mate selection in today's society? -Proximity - Social Homogamy - Similar backgrounds and beliefs
What are the 3 stages of a rite of passage? 1. isolation 2. trial / education 3. reintegration
What is the largest concern among young couples in marriage? Jealousy
Chemicals that transfer messages in the brain are referred to as... synapses
A neuron "fires" and sends on a message when it reaches its what? stimulation threshold
How do rites of passage ensure that basic culture will be continued? It transmits values and knowledge
Name 4 ways universities influence personal development. 1. time management 2. cultural diversity 3. enjoy learning 4. dealing with bureaucracy
What are the 3 stages of marriage? 1.Romantic, warm, respectful 2. Conflicts, instability 3. compromise and negotiation
Generativity The range for ways people are able to leave their mark on future generations (Erikson).
Matrilineal Transfer of property or wealth on the mother's side.
Monogamy Having one marital partner
Nuclear family Husband and wife live with their children
Patriarchy family organization in which men wield power and are the decision makers.
Polyandry Wife having several husbands.
Polygamy having several spouses
Polygyny Man having more than one wife.
Serial Monogomy Marriage to several spouses one after the other.
Stagnation Becoming self indulgent rather than being in a state of generativity (Erikson)
What are the 3 major forms of depression? 1. Major depression disorder 2.Dysthemia (Depressive neurosis) 3. Bipolar affective Disorder (Manic-depressive)
How long does Major depressive disorder usually last? a few months
How long can Dysthemia (depressive neurosis) last? Years
Describe the Manic phase of Bipolar Affective Disorder. "Superman complex" deluded internal dialogue insomnia heightened sexuality high energy
Describe the Depressive phase of Bipolar Affective Disorder. Low self-esteem negative internal dialogue under eating over sleeping
What makes Bipolar Affective Disorder a vicious cycle? The depressive behaviour feeds off of the Manic behaviour.
What are the causes of depression? -triggered by life events -hormonal changes inherited / genetic / social background
What are the treatments for depression? Medication therapy electroconvulsive therapy (last resort)
What types of medication can be used to treat depression? Mood stabilizers and anti-depressants
What 4 types of therapy can be used to treat depression? Behavioural cognitive group art, writing, music etc.
According to the DSM V this is not considered a diagnosed mental health issue. Self-abuse
Define self-abuse. Injury to oneself for the sake of injury.
Explain the biology behind self-abuse. Pain = release of endorphins = calming sensation. Eventually body becomes resistant, causing an increase in abuse to get endorphins.
How does control play a role in self-abusers? The abuse is one of the few things they have control over.
How is self-abuse a punishment ritual? The abuser is often over sensitive and caring. They have an overwhelming guilt complex and are searching for punishment.
What are the 3 types of parenting techniques? Authoritative Authoritarian permissive
Describe the authoritative parenting style. warmth, support, positive control
Describe the Authoritarian parenting style. Parental control and use of punishment
Describe the permissive parenting style. few rules, children are in control
What are the effects of authoritative parenting? better adjustment and self concept.
What are the effects of authoritarian parenting? negative effects on child adjustment
What are the effects of permissive parenting? child feels anxious and emotionally impoverished.
When was tough love popularized? 1980's
Define tough love. Strict discipline required to augment behaviour and create success.
The DSM V does not recognize this as an addiction. Video game addiction
DSM Diagnostic ans statistical manual
According to M. Griffiths, all addictions are about what two things? Reward and reinforcement.
What are the 3 causes of video game addiction? 1. Reward structure 2. freedom 3. social interaction
How does china combat video game addiction? By reducing the reward as you increase game play.
define a subculture a group of people who differentiate themselves from the larger culture they are part of.
What do you look at to identify a subculture? Argot (dialect), fashion, and mannerisms.
What does it mean when greater society "culturally appropriates aspects of a subculture? And what does it cause? What made the subculture different now applies to greater society. Causes the death or evolution of subcultures.
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