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Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Psych 199-Stress

an event that exerts physical or psychological force or pressures on a person. The demand made on an organism to adjust stress
routine sources of annoyance or aggravation that have a negative impact on health daily hassles
Lazarus's term for regularly occurring enjoyable experiences uplifts
major changes in life circumstances, such as getting married, starting (or losing) a job, or losing a loved one life changes
the feelings of tension & anxiety that accompany efforts to adapt to or adopt the orientation & values of the dominant culture acculurative stress
substances derived from fatty acids that are involved in body responses such as inflammation & menstrual cramping prostaglandins
a drug that helps relieve pain analgesic
neurotransmitters that are composed of chains of amino acids & are functionally similar to morphine endorphins
an altered state of consciousness associated with a heightened susceptibility to suggestions hypnosis
a means of training people to gain some degree of control over internal bodily responses through the use of physiological monitoring equipment that provides feedback (information) about changes in these responses Biofeedback training (BFT)
a traditional Chinese healing practice consisting of inserting & rotating thin needles in various parts of the body in the belief that it releases the body's natural healing energy acupuncture
the thwarting of a desire to obtain a goal frustration
the ability to delay gratification, to maintain self-control when a goal is thwarted tolerance for frustration
a condition characterized by opposing motives, in which gratification of one motive prevents gratification of the other conflict
conflict involving two positive but mutually exclusive goals approach-approach conflict
conflict involving two negative goals, with avoidance of one requiring approach of the other avoidance-avoidance conflict
conflict involving a goal with positive and negative features approach-avoidance conflict
conflict involving two or more goals, each of which has positive & negative aspects multiple approach-avoidance conflict
a pattern of stress-producing behavior, characterized by aggressiveness, perfectionism, unwilling to relinquish control, & a sense of time urgency type A behavior pattern
beliefs to the effect that one can perform a task sucessfully or manage a stressor self-efficacy expectations
a cluster of traits that buffer stress & are characterized by commitment, challenge, & control psychological hardiness
the place to which an individual attributes control over the receiving of reinforcers-either inside or outside the self locus of control
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