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246 peds MD test

pediatric muscular development 1-12 months

continuous and life long, this acquisition of motor abilities requires nature and nurture with sensory input. motor development
crawling on all four extremities creeping
this type of motor ability is learned quickly, it will maintain a change in posture through changing environments motor control
we begin life in what type of posture? physiological flexion
this input will effect how a person feels, placement when walking and body awareness. It is also important for motor development sensory
an infant that creeps up stairs, a toddler that uses the railing, a 8 year old that does not use the railing, a teenager that runs up the stairs. These are example of what type of Motor ability? Motor control
name the 4 stages of motor control in order mobility stability controlled mobility skill
this stage of motor control will keep a stable posture when shifting weight controlled mobility
this stage of motor control will maintain posture against gravity stability
this stage of motor control requires ROM in adults, but is just random movements and reflexes in children mobility
at what month does equilibrium reactions show up? 6 month
commando crawling shows up in the 7 month, what type of motor control is this? skill
shifting weight on forearms shows up in the 4th month, what type of motor control is this? controlled mobility
forearm weight bearing shows up in the 3rd month, what type of motor control is this? stability
chin lifting in the 2nd month is an example of what motor control? mobility
what month should head lag cease? 5
what month would you see seated with extended arms on legs? 5
what month would you see commando crawling? 7
what month would you see equilibrium reatctions 6
what month would you start to see thumb opposition? 6
what month would you start to see creeping in quadruped 8
what is the goal of every therapeutic intervention in pediatrics? functional movement
the ability to respond to quick movements outside the center of gravity is termed? protective reactions
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