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Imaging Adler CH 6&7

Protective layer of gelatin that provides sturdiness and reduces damage (film) supercoat/overcoat
film layer that holds and forms the latent image and is composed of silver halide crystals emulsion layer
what are the types of silver halide crystals silver bromide (AgBr),silver iodide (AgI)
What is the shape of crystal that absorbs more photons, uses a thinner emulsion, and speeds up processing? tubular crystal
what film layer hold emulsion in place, allows even distribution, and is a seperate suspension of silver halide crystals Gelatin layer
which film layer is the foundation of the radiograph and made of polyester film base
what does blue tint do? contributes to base fog but helps with eye strain
blue tint is found in which film layer? film base
which film layer binds emulsion to film base and acts as the "glue"? Adhesive layer
What year was the Gurney Mott Theory developed? 1938
how fast you make a latent image speed
Increase in crystal size, ____ speed, ____ resolution increase, decrease
Increase in layer thickness, ____ screen speed, ____ resolution increase, decrease
scale that a diagnostic image can be produced at Exposure latitude
high contrast films have ________latitude low contrast film has ________ latitude narrow, wide
the ability of a radiographic film to provide a certain level of image contrast film-screen contrast
the measurement of the characteristic response of film to exposure and processing sensitometry
what are the 4 names of the density curve produced by graphing the exposures of a penetrometer exposure D log E curve, H&D curve, characteristic curve, sensotomic curve
blue tint has ____ OD .2
QC for processor sensitometer
instrument that provides a read out of the amount of blackness on a film Densitometer
what is the diagnostic range of OD? 0.50 and 2.0
intensifying screens were invented by __________ in _______ Thomas Edison, 1896
over ____% of the latent image is formed by the light from the screen; less than ____% is formed by the incident photons 99%, 1%
gannaliteum is __________ green light
if not spectroly match you need to increase _______ time (mAs)
why are rare earth phosphors used? high atomic #, found in nature, high resolution
What is an intensifying screens main purpose? to amplify / light up photons
a chemical compound that emits visible light when struck by radiation phosphor
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