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W Geo


Absolute Location Specific Place
Atmosphere Layer above Earth
Biosphere All living things
Canal Artificial Waterway
Chapparal Small vegetation in Mediterranean Climate
Climate Weather over time
Command Economy Economy controlled by govt. (Communism)
Commercial Farming Farming for profit
Continent 1 of 7 large landmasses
Core Earth's center
Crust Earth's surface
Cultural Convergence Interaction of cultures
Cultural Divergence Restriction from other cultures
Culture People's way of life
Culture Hearth Spreading cultural ideas
Delta Mouth of river
Democracy People choose leaders
Dictatorship Govt power in small group or individual
Diffusion Cultural element from people to people
Earthquake Shaking of Earth's crust
Ecosystem living things and environment interaction
Emigrant Peroson who leaves a country
Equinox Day and night are equal
Erosion Movement of weathered materials
Export Item sent out of country
Fertile Able to produce
Formal Region Group of similar places
Functional Region Places connected by movement
Halocaust Killing of Jews by Nazis
Hemisphere Half the Earth
Hurricane Tropical storm winds of 74mph or higher
Hydrosphere All water on earth
Immigrant Person who enters a country
Import Item brought into a country
Island Land surrounded by water
Lithosphere Physical features of earth
Mantle Middle layer of earth
Market Economy Economy based on supply and demand
Monarchy Govt. ruled by king or queen
Monotheism Belief in one God
Monsoon Seasonal wind
Multiethnic Multi- groups
Natural Resource Natural good in the environment
Nomad Person with no permanent settlement
Peninsula Land connected to mainland with water on 3 sides
Perceptual Region Places defined by feelings and attitude
Plate Tectonics Plates move causing movement of earth
Plateau High
Polytheism Belief in many gods
Population Density Average number of people in a specific place
Precipitation All water that falls to earth
Primary Econ. Activities Activity that takes natural resources directly (Fishing)
Quaternary Econ. Activities Activity focusing on gaining information (Education)
Relative Location Place in relation to another place
Renewable Resource Resource that can be reused
Revolution 1 complete turn around the sun (365 1/4 days)
Rotation Spinning of earth on its axis
Secondary Econ. Activities Activity that uses raw materials to make another product
Solstice Sun directly over the Tropics
Sovereignty Power of people to choose type of govt.
Standard of Living How well people live
Subsistance Farming Farming for survival
Tertiary Econ. Activities Activity related to services (waitress)
Tornado Funnel shaped cloud of destruction
Tundra Region of cold weather- only specific plants grow
Urbanization Growth of cities
Weather Condition of the atmosphere over a short period of time
Weathering Process of breaking down rock
Wind Air in motion
Tectonic Forces Forces from within the Earth
Elevation Altitude of a place related to sea level
Latitude Distance of a place north or south of the equator
Biomes Ecosystem found in a region of the world
Transportation Process of moving people or goods from place to place
Push-Pull Factor Corces that cause people to leave a place or draw them to another
Tsunami A huge wave caused by earthquake or volcanic eruption on ocean floor
Volcano Opening of earth's crust
Vegetation Plants of an area or region
Cottage Industry Small-scale manufacturing
Commercial Industry Large-scale manufacturing
Outsourcing Process of having specific jobs done outside of a business
Free Trade Zone Designated areas exempt from taxes for purpose of Trade
Scarcity Situation in which more goods are demanded than available
Republic Government in which power is held by the people
Migration Movement of people from place to place
Totalitarian System System in which government controls all aspects of society
Nationalism Pride in one's nation
Patriotism Love for or devotion to one's country
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