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SE CDC 1 part 2


Define deployment. The relocation of forces to designated areas of operations.
What Air Force instruction is the guidance for deployment plans? AFI 10–403.
What do peacetime deployments test? Wartime plans.
What are your duties during the deployment phase of an operation? You monitor your unit’s activities and those of the support unit/base and report any problems to management.
What is site planning? The selection of an area for a new facility on an Air Force installation.
What is a base comprehensive plan (BCP) designed to do? Let the commander and all other people involved in the planning process know what the current base configuration is, and what the projected needs are for the future.
What is the base comprehensive planning process? An analysis of the current, short- and long-range development potential of the installation.
Name the four basic parts of the base comprehensive plan (BCP). (1) General Plan, (2) Component Plans, (3) Special Plans and Studies, and (4) Maps.
What is a blueprint? A reproduced copy of mechanical or other types of technical drawings.
What type of drawing gives specific information that would not otherwise fit on a full drawing? Section drawings.
Name the most common construction plans. Civil, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Fire Protection, and Electrical.
What kinds of information are contained in specifications? Sizes, kinds, quality, and quantity of building materials and the methods of construction, fabrication, or installation.
Air Force construction projects are completed according to what? Applicable MILSTD; the NFPA, OSHA, and AFOSH standards; and AFI 32–1032 guidance.
When are design reviews normally conducted? At 35, 65, 95, and at 100% completion of the blueprints.
Who has authority over a contract? Contracting officer.
Through what agency can safety personnel receive training for QAEs? Base Contracting
What agency performs the PAS? DCMA
What is the purpose of the pre-final inspection? To identify any deficiencies that the contractor may have overlooked.
What type of contract is used for the local acquisition of items not available through the Air Force or GSA supply systems? Commodities contract.
What automated system is used to coordinate local purchase requests? ABSS.
What type of purchases can be made with the GPC? Micro purchases (purchases under $2,500) and authorized purchases up to $25,000.
Created by: SEG