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Intro To Business

Business flash cards

Check NOT yet paid by the bank Outstanding Check
A financial statement showing the revenue expenses, and profit/loss for a business Statement of Income
A bill for shipment of merchandise prepared by a common carrier, such as a trucking company Freight Bill
A form listing goods received for shipment by a trucking company promising delivery Bill of Lading
The method of payment agreed upon between the buyer and seller Terms
A formal periodic check of records Audit
A bill for services Service Invoice
A form of billing a customer for merchandise purchased Item Invoice
A form used to order merchandise Purchase Order
A business for listing gross pay, deductions, and net pay for each employee in a business Payroll Register
The amount a person receives before taxes and other deductions are withheld from the paycheck Gross Pay
The amount a person receives after taxes and other deductions are withheld from the pay check Net Pay
The part of a business letter that contains a formal greeting Salutation
Includes the words "for deposit only" in addition to the signature on the back of a check Restrictive Endorsement
The business or person who owns a checking account Drawer
The bank on which a check is drawn Drawee
The part of a business letter that contains a formal closing Complimentary Close
A bookkeeping record used to record all receipts and payment of company money Cash Book
A form on which a depositer keeps a recorder of deposits and checks Check Register
Form completed by a business when paying taxes to the IRS Federal Tax Credit Card
Law requiring employees to pay social security and Medicare Tax FICA
Form completed by an employee that helps the employer determine income tax withheld W4
Allowance claimed by an employee for self or for a dependent that determines income tax withheld Exemption
Report showing the condition of the bank account Bank Statement
Statement showing how the checkbook balance and the bank balance were brought into agreement Bank Reconciliation
Checks paid by the bank Canceled Check
Created by: Nakeshia Lettles
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