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English Finals

Study helper for English Final

Foreshadowing Hinting towards a future event
Protagonist The Good Guy
Antagonist The Bad Guy
Conflict The problem in the story
Turning Point The point where everything goes from bad to worse or good to great
Dramatic Irony Where the opposite of something expected happens
Dystopia A place where life is hellish
Truclent Aggressive
Subsequent Following in time or order
Repugnant Loathsome; Disgusting and offensive
Impromptu Something Done with little or no preparation
Pugnacious Liking to fight
Circumvent To avoid by going around
Altruism Unselfish concern for the welfare of others
Accolade High praise, awards and honors
Imperative Not to be avoided; necessary
Insidious Harmful in a subtle way; stealthy manner
Latent Present but not active or obvious
Mendacious False and untruthful
Allay To put fear and suspicion to rest; to relieve one's fears
Aloof Keeping oneself apart; distant
Ardent Passionate; having intense feelings
Gregarious Fond of the company of others; sociable
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